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Why are there so many birthdays in January.....DX Oh well....Today is suppose to be a happy day!! It's Chani of SF9's birthday today!!!! He's about a month older than me, so I'm like freaking out!!!!

But I almost didn't find enough pictures and gifs of him..... :l But thankfully I did!! So please enjoy all the adorable pics and gifs of my....oppa? XD XD XD XD

Wah!!! I didn't realize how adorable he is!!!!!! Just look at that smile!!

He's so smiley and happy!! What a cute maknae ^-^

Ahhhh precious!! Why can't I meet you and just hang out with you!!?!?

Is it wrong to have a connection with him since he's born in the same year as I am....?

I'm still learning the names of all the SF9 members (....Nina what are you doing?!?!? Pick up the pace!! Haha I know, I know cX)

But I think Chani will be pretty easy to memorize ^-^ Yet I'm still worried I might have posted some pictures of him here that aren't even of him....o.o

Gah!!!!! He is too cute!!!!!! His personality seems so bubbly and happy!!

I look forward to seeing him and the rest of the SF9 members on more variety shows and music videos ^-^

Wait, wait, wait!! That's Chani!!!?!?!!?!? ^^^^^ How!?!!?! He looks so badass and cool in Fanfare!!!! So why is he so adorable and squishy in real life!?!?!?! I'm questioning my life right now cX

Well I'm still currently picking a bias in SF9, but even if Chani doesn't become my bias I'll still have a special place in my heart for him ^-^ He's so cute and squishy!! And he's just a month older than me T-T Love me Chani oppa!!!! cX

Anyway, I love Chani so much, and I hope he had an amazing today!! I hope good things come his way for him and the rest of SF9. It's hard being a kpop idol and being 17 makes it all the more difficult. I hope you all also have an amazing day today C: We love you so much Chani!! Happy birthday!!!! Stay healthy and fighting!

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Damn I forgot me and Chani were born on the same day. When I searched up SF9 profiles I was surprised to see that me and Chani were born on the same month,day, and year. Well happy belated birthday to my birthday buddy.
Oh what!?!? That's so cool~~~!!!! I'm jealous!!! XD
Happy birthday!