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Happy Monday everyone! It's your girl Brittany coming back to you to bring yet another one of my many MCM's! Friday I covered an actress for my FFF from The Innocent Man. Well since this is one of my all time favorite drama's I decided to base my MCM card off of one of the actors who, besides Song Joong Ki, is my favorite in that drama! So without further delay my MCM for this week is the one and only Lee Sang Yeob! I haven't seen all the drama's he's been in only Doctors, Penny Pinchers and The Innocent Man but I plan to watch so many more because he's been in so many that sparks my interest. But can I say his character/role in Doctors broke my heart!!!! I cried like a baby every time!
Profile Name Lee Sang-Yeob Hangul: 이상엽 Birthdate: May 8, 1983 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 182 cm. Blood Type: N/A
Movies ~The Flu | Gamgi (2013) - Byoung-Woo ~Penny Pinchers | Tikkeulmoa Lomaenseu (2011) - Gwan-Woo ~Lovers of Six Years | 6nyeonjjae Yeonaejung (2008) - Yun-Seok ~A Man who was Superman | Shupeomaenyieotdeon Sanai (2008) - Soo-Jung's male friend Drama Series ~My Wife's Having an Affair this Week | Ibun Joo, ~Anaega Barameul Pibnida (JTBC / 2016) - Ahn Joon-Young ~Doctors (SBS / 2016) - pregnant woman's husband (ep.15) ~The Master of Revenge | Master-Kooksooui Sin (KBS2 /2016) - Park Tae-Ha ~Signal (tvN / 2016) - Jin-Woo (ep.9-11) ~House of Bluebird | Parangsaeui Jib (KBS2 / 2015) - Jang Hyun-Do ~A Little Love Never Hurts | Saranghaeseo Namjoona (MBC / 2013-2014) - Jung Jae-Min ~Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love | Jang Ok-Jung, ~Sarange Salda (SBS / 2013) - Prince Dongpyung ~The Innocent Man | Sesang Eodiedo Eobneun ~Chakan Namja (KBS2 / 2012) - Park Joon-Ha ~Koisuru Maison. ~Rainbow Rose~ | (TV Tokyo / 2012) - Han Sae Woo ~Live in Cheongdam-Dong | Cheongdamdong Salayo ( jTBC / 2011) - Lee Sang-Yeob ~Can't Live With Losing | Jikoneun Motsalah (MBC / 2011) - Hyung-Woo's younger brother (cameo) ~Miss Ripley (MBC / 2011) - Ha Cheol-Jin ~Midas | Maiduseu (SBS / 2011) - Han Jang-Suk ~Her Style | Geunyeoui Seutail (KBS N / 2009) ~Elephant | Kokkiri (2008)
TV Movies ~Home Sweet Home | Jeulgeowoon Naui Jib (KBS2 / 2016) - Kang Sung-Min ~The Greatest Thing in the World | Sesangeseo ~Gajang Widaehan Il (MBC / 2013) - John Harrison Awards ~Best New Actor ("A Little Love Never Hurts") - 2013 ~MBC Drama Awards - December 30, 2013
I highly recommend him to everyone because he's absolutely amazing! And come on he's frigging adorable as well! But looks aside he really is an amazing actor and I honestly never hear anyone talking about him so in my opinion he's extremely underrated.
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awe he crushed my heart in Doctors. He did amazing and I couldn't help but cry with his character. I don't even remember seeing him in innocent man but then again, I only remember the main characters. I know that he looks familiar though.
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Oh I knew he looked familiar when he first showed up in Doctors but didn't know what from. I think I forgot him because I wasn't the biggest fan of Innocent Man.
I watched him in Signal, but he was in SO little episodes that I wanted to see him more! 😣 I shall watch a drama with him in it soon!
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@StephanieDuong I have both kakao and line😂It would be funny if we were cause I'm in quite a few. My kakao username is believeinromeo and my line username is beautyandthewolf