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Rain skipped down the windows as the wind howled at a high pitch through the thunder and lightning that lit up the night, highlighting strange objects and turning them into monsters against the walls.
Cassie, woke up after a loud rumble that shook her whole floor. Clutching her blanket tightly between her arms, she tried to dig her face into the soft fabric to hide herself from the bright lights of the lightning that crashed into her room seconds later. Her stuffed animals on the edge of her bed looked like monsters as the light hit them just right, running to the small fort in the corner of the room, her tea set seemed to shake and rattle as thunder rumbled again.
Her little feet pounded against the floor as she hid in her closet, just to be scared by the water and the lightning once more. Cassie’s tiny heart pounded faster as she closed her eyes and tears ran down her face. Slipping out of her closet, she carefully walked through her room, making sure not to wake up the monsters. Opening the door, she looked both ways down the hall as her little feet pumped as fast as pistons before reaching your bedroom.
Pushing open the door, the rain pounded against the window as the wind shifted. Daehyun tightened his grip around you as your head rested against you shoulder. Shutting the door quietly, the movement from the bed comforted her as she walked to the side of the bed clutching her blanket tightly.
“Daddy?” Her sweet voice tried to call out but was swallowed by the storm, “Mommy, Daddy?” She called once more inching closer to your bed she patted his arm that was around you as he mumbled something.
“Daddy, please, Daddy.” She called as lightning flashed and the lamp looked like a monster and caused her to squeal and she sat on the floor hugging her blanket.
Daehyun stirred from the squeal, checking on you first. You were fast asleep as he kissed your cheek, then looked over the edge of his bed. Quiet whimpers came from the small girl as Daehyun let his hand hang over the bed.
“Cassie?” Daehyun asked as he reached out for her gently. Cassie hugged him arm with a strong grip, not letting it go anytime soon. “What are you doing up? Are you feeling ok?” She stood up and Daehyun helped her to the bed as she sat on his stomach.
“The wind and the lights and the shaking.” She said quietly as her voice trembled. Daehyun’s hand gently rubbed her back as he looked over to the window to see the storm getting worse.
“You know that it is just a storm and we are safe in here.” He tried to let her understand.
“But there are monsters in my room.” She said shyly as the crash of lighting lit up the room quickly followed by the rumbling of thunder. Daehyun noticed that her breathing got quicker as she gripped his hand tightly, closing her eyes quickly and holding them shut.
“You’re really scared aren’t you?” He asked with his heart going out to his daughter as her little head nodded. Daehyun moved out of your grip gently as he kissed your cheek mumbling that he would be back. Picking up Cassie, she hugged his neck tightly as he carried her out of the room and into hers.Turning on her light Daehyun walked up to the window and watched the heavy storm hang over them.
“Cassie look” He bounced her in his arms as she shook her head.
“I don’t like rain storms, snow is better.” She protested quietly.
“Why is snow better?” Daehyun asked
“It is quiet and then you can play in it, it’s pretty.” She said simply as he nodded walking back to the bed as he put her under her covers.
“You’re going to leave me?” She asked as her eyes filled with tears.
“Well… I know that you can handle it.” He said as he stood up.
“Can you stay with me til I fall asleep… please.” She begged as he gave in and laid on her bed with her. Cuddling between his arms, she curled up around him and fell asleep quickly. Daehyun gently hummed a few songs for her as he yawned and fell asleep next to her. Protecting her from her fears.