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Light snow began to fall as warm air escaped from your lips as you shoved your hands in your pockets. The snow flakes flew under the street lights as the dark night began to wrap around you. Licking your chapped lips, they began to freeze as a buzz came from your pocket as you pulled out your phone and held it between your cold hands.
Jagiya, meet me at my place :D - Dae
Ok, just got off of work. Be right over.
Walking down the street, the snow began to stick as the cars flipped up the melted snowflakes with their tires as you walked across the street towards Daehyun’s place. Christmas songs were starting to be heard from store to store as everyone seemed to warm up to a nice drink and to the soft hearted season that was coming up.
With your mind wondering as your feet walked to Daehyun’s place, reaching the concrete steps. You walked into the heated building as a note placed on the outside of the elevator caught your eye.
Hit the top floor button. I will be waiting. - Dae
The little note made a smile come onto you face as you followed his directions. Slowly, the elevator doors opened as you saw stairs that lead to the top of the building.
Buttoning up your coat again, you pushed open the door as you saw beautiful lights twinkling and highlighting the larger snowflakes that began to fall. A shadow stood looking over the edge of the building as you walked onto the roof and towards the shadow.
“Daehyun? Oppa?” You called into the thick, cold air as the warm air turned white in front of your lips. The shadow turned around slowly as his smile greeted you.
“Hello Jagiya.” His deep voice said as he turned completely around and wrapped his arms around you happily. “How was work?”
“Hard and boring.” You said against his cold coat as you wrapped your arms around him too. “How about yours?”
“Just waiting for you.” He said quietly against your frozen ear.
“Why are we up here?” You looked up at him softly as the warm air escaped from his lips.
“I thought I would show you something, that reminded me of our first date.” Daehyun gently took your cold hands in his warm ones as he led you over to the edge where he stood previously.
Looking over the beautiful landscape with the lanterns hung with care and the lights twinkling gently as the light wind swirled the snowflakes around you. Your memory took over as you remembered your first date with him. Both of you were going to the carnival just for fun.
The rides made you laugh and cry as you went on every one. With both of your stomach’s growling, he found a rice eating contest in which he won and gave you a beautiful white teddy bear with your favorite colored ribbon around its neck. As the wonderful day began to close, he took you on one last ride, the Carousel. Sitting on a two person horse, you sat behind him as you rested your head between his shoulder blades as he held your teddy bear within his hands as your arms wrapped around his stomach.
Letting out a couple long, and drawn out sighs the ride continued as he focused on you.
His hands gently intertwined with yours as bubbles began to fall off of the sides of the Carousel and caught every light that was in sight as it looked absolutely beautiful.
Snapping out of your flashback as his lips kissed your temple softly.
“It is so beautiful, just like every moment I spend with you.” You looked up at him as he let out a genuine smile from his lips as he swung your hand gently in his.
“This isn’t the whole surprise either.” Daehyun gently turned around as both of you left the rooftop and walked into the elevator as he proceeded to push his apartment’s floor.
Following him around like a puppy dog, you couldn’t keep a smile off of your face as you happily followed him into his apartment.
He helped you with your coat and boots as you thanked him and helped him in return. Walking into his warm, cozy apartment you pulled your sleeves over your hands as you tried to warm them.
“Make yourself comfortable, I have something to give you.” Daehyun went to his bedroom as you folded your legs under you as you sat on the couch. You waited for his return as the snowflakes gently hit the window and melted on contact.
“This is for you.” He said as he handed you a smallish present as he sat across from you.
Taking your time and special care with the present you happily undid the wrapping as it revealed that you held in your hands a diary type notebook.
“I began to write in this as soon as you came into my life, every page is filled with you and all of the memories that I hope to keep forever.” Daehyun said gently as he rubbed the back of his neck as you opened the book and looked through the hundreds of pages that was filled with his handwriting.
Happy 100th Day, My sweet Jagiya and my love. I hope that we have 100 more years together.
The short yet sweet message was written on the last page of the book as a picture of the both of you was taped underneath.
“Daehyun it is perfect.” You smiled as you ran your fingers over the ink that left indents on the pages. Lifting your eyes from the book you realized that you totally forgot about this special day between the two of you. “I-I’m sorry Dae.” You began as you looked back down at the book as you closed it. “I totally forgot about our 100 days. I- I will make it up to you I promise.”
Starting to beg for forgiveness he quickly wrapped you in a hug and pressed his lips onto yours to quiet your chattering lips as you melted under his touch. Tilting his head into yours he held you close as he softly pulled on your lips with his own before breaking the sweet kiss.
“You’re here and that is all I would hope for. I love you and I mean what I said and I said what I meant. I want to follow this through one hundred percent.” His eyes flipped from one of your eyes to the other as you smiled and wrapped your cold hand around your wrist that cupped your face.
“I won’t forget our next hundred day anniversary.” You said honestly as you looked into his perfect chocolate eyes.
“Until then, you may read everything within those pages.” He kissed your nose gently.
Guiding your head onto his chest as you opened up the first page and began to read out loud the words from Daehyun’s heart that he wrote down about you. The night wore on as you read from cover to cover of the book happily staying warm within his arms .