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Hey Fam~

So, this week we are doing Predebut photos about each of our members!

But I also found something that just shows how amazing Jisoo really is~

(I am going to combine the two so the photos will be with the reveals!)

After she debuted, confessions from her classmates came to surface!

And usually people can be pretty mean about things they have to say about new idols but these are the COMPLETE opposite!

Here are some of the stories from Jisoo's pre-debut days:

1st Confession:

"I went to the same middle school as [Jisoo], and she was pretty but became even prettier. Her older sister also looks like Han Hyo Joo. [Jisoo] was really nice!! When kids like these become successful, it feels great."

2nd Confession:

"Jisoo was nice. We were in the same class. Not really close, but she was good-natured, nice, and pretty. She did fall asleep a lot in class though lol (I saw her drool often). She was kind and had good relationships with classmates. She had a wide spectrum of friends, everyone from ones who sits and reads books to kinda 'those' kids. [Jisoo] was bright and funny. Her image is girly, but she's actually like a puppy. She smiles like a puppy, too."

3rd Confession:

"I went to the same middle school as Kim Jisoo and even then, she had huge eyes and was so pretty. She's prettier now...Her older sister is super pretty, too."

"How was her personality?"

3rd Confession (Continued):

"She was nice! When I first went to middle school, I didn't know anyone in my class, but she was in the class next door!! There was a person I didn't get along with, and Jisoo was friends with her. And the friend wanted everyone to talk badly about me and hate me, but when we had classes together, Jisoo would talk to me first. It was the first year of middle school, so we were all sensitive, so it was me who was more careful about talking to her."

Well you heard it!

Jisoo is definitely a genuine, amazing person! T - T

Love you girlie!

And keep being awesome~

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Awwwww! This is so heartwarming!!! And to get confirmation that these stars are truly what we see on screen is comforting. Especially when people tell me "you can't tell if they're just pretending." Yeah, I don't know why I listen to them... I should just listen to my heart. ^.-
Right? This was so cute I had to share. Especially the part about her drooling and falling asleep 😂😂