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Group Name: Buzz
Debuted: Sometime in 2003
Latest Comeback: October 19th, 2015
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Members: (4)
This group may have disbanded, but there's no official news. I've seen information saying some of the "current" members are gone and some that they are still in the group. Until more information is up I'll consider them still a promoting group.
(They were on a hiatus for 8 years and in 2014 the original members came together to release more music. I however do not know if all the original members are still performing together or not.)
Also I couldn't find up to date pictures of some of the group members so I'm super sorry about that!
Name: Yoon Woo Hyun
Stage Name: Yoon Woo Hyun
Born: 1981
Position: Guitar
(Original Member)
Name: Kim Yae Joon
Stage Name: Kim Yae Joon
Born: 1981
Position: Drummer, Leader
(May have left the group, not totally sure.)
(Original Member)
Name: Shin Joon Ki
Stage Name: Shin Joon Ki
Born: 1982
Position: Bass
In the band 4th Floor.
(May have left the group, not totally sure.)
(Original Member)
Name: Son Sung Hee
Stage Name: Son Sung Hee
Born: 1982
Position: Vocalist, Guitar
Also in the band 4th Floor.
(May have left the group, not totally sure.)
(Original Member)

Former Members:

Name: Min Kyung Hoon
Stage Name: Min Kyung Hoon
Born: 1984
Position: Vocalist He's currently a soloist.
(Original Member)
Name: Na Do Kyun
Stage Name: Nayul
Born: 1991
Position: Vocalist
Currently a member of History, under his real name Dokyun.
Name: Min Dae Hong
Stage Name: Min Dae Hong
Born: N/A
Position: Vocalist
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