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Standing in front of the mirror, you looked at yourself wondering if this is nice enough to go to a special thanksgiving dinner with DBSK. All of you had been friends for years and they seemed like your brothers that you never had.
Looking back into the mirror you scanned your figure, nice high heels, jeans, and a white tank top with a white see through shirt over it. You looked nice, you had to admit with the curls in your hair and your faint makeup just seemed to tie everything together.
Grabbing your purse, you walked down the few blocks to the dorm, in which they all stayed. Trying to calm your nerves you took in a deep breath as you knocked on their door.
“______!” Yunho called as he answered the door, suddenly all of your nervousness faded and it was just good to be ‘home’. Walking into the dorm, you hung up your purse and took off your shoes as you saw all of the members and their families in their dorm with them. The women were in the kitchen cooking and talking happily as the men were outside playing some card games.
“Ah ______ is here!” Changmin said as he made all of the men’s faces turn to you as you bowed to them respectfully.
“Well she sure is a beauty in a room full of beasts.” One of the fathers said as you smiled and moved into the kitchen as they went back to their strategic game.
“Hello Mothers.” You called as you entered into the kitchen as they all turned to you and bowed. “Do you need any help?”
Their faces went from a concentrated look to a calm and peaceful one. “Daughter, it is ok, go enjoy your time with the boys.” They all agreed as you moved to hug each one before heading out and sitting between Junsu and Yoochun.
“Deal me in next round, please.” You said as all the guys looked at you weirdly.
“Sure, we will deal you in."Jaejoong said happily as he put in his cards and won the game. Collecting the chips, Yunho passed out the cards as all of the fathers looked at you suspiciously as to if you could actually play the difficult game that they were all engrossed in.
Round after round, you continued to win as the boys all cheered for you and were so happy. On the other hand, the father’s weren’t that happy, so in return you challenged them to a game of Monopoly.
As the game went on for hours, you changed the rules a little and began to hire Yunho, then Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun and eventually Changmin as your helpers as the fathers began to falter and sub come to your monopoly.
With another win under your belt the fathers decided to all take a nap and watch some sports as you and the boys went into the kitchen and helped the mothers with all of their cooking and setting up of the beautiful meal.
Sitting around the table all together, with the husbands next to their wives and the boys sat around you happily. All of you took each others hand as the parents started and said one thing that they were thankful for.
"I am thankful for all of my friends and family and for this wonderful meal that I get to spend with the ones I love.” Yunho said before he looked over at Changmin.
“I am thankful for my parents and for our group and how strong we are with one another.” Changmin looked at you as you smiled at him happily before looking around
the table at all of the glowing faces.
“I am thankful for all of you, as you all have taken me in and become my family. Thank
you for your kind hearts.” You bowed to all of them gratefully as Jaejoong waited til you were sitting upright to tell you his.
“I am thankful that all of us are healthy and that we have a bountiful meal that we are able to share.” Jaejoong looked over at Junsu.
“I am glad that we could be born into wonderful families and our individual talents and for _______ for being like our younger sister.” Junsu said as you blushed and looked at him before he shot you a glorious smile.
The meal was filled with traditional meals from all of the families as everyone chatted about old times and the times to come as laughter filled the room and warmth filled each of their hearts to their fullest.
The day was perfect between playing with everyone to hearing their laughter and spending a beautiful day with each one of them, you took in the whole day with a thankful heart as you couldn’t imagine spending it with anyone else.