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“There will be a very severe storm over the next several hours….” The crackling of the radio that just cut out sounded over the speakers as you walked out of one store and the bitter wind stung your face as the snow bit your skin and made your skin sting and cut your face as you headed to the next store that you needed to go to.
Walking into the store, store employees were no where to be found as the lights mysteriously flickered above you. It was a small trinket shop as you were looking through the merchandise to send back to your family. Your fingers trailed over the postcards as five boys caught your attention as they ran into the store causing the bell to ring. Biting your lip, you quickly picked out a snow globe for your sister a couple post cards for your parents and a nice frame for you to take a picture of yourself and write a note on it. Picking out a favorite comic book for your brother, you headed to the counter to check out as you didn’t see anyone.
Glancing over your shoulder to the five boys, they all giggled and stuck together as they looked through the merchandise. You rang the bell that was on the counter as the lights cut out. Snapping your eyes up to the lights, your breathing quickened as the heat cut out and the doors made their locking noise. Putting the presents in your pocket, you wrote the owner a little note that you would be back to pay for the trinkets that you wanted, you walked over to the door as you tried to push and pull. The glass moved yet the door didn’t budge.
Letting out a frustrated breath, you kicked the door with your foot catching Yunho’s attention. Running your fingers through your hair you fought tears as you kicked the door once more. Yunho tapped Changmin’s arm as he pointed over to you.
The two guys walked over to you slowly, and cautiously.
“Hey” Yunho called
“Excuse me.” Changmin asked as you turned to the two guys that were now in front of you. You turned and faced them with a sad look on your face.
“What do you two want?” You asked as fear began to grow within you, taking a few steps back your back pressed against the glass doors.
“We aren’t going to hurt you.” Changmin said as he put up his hands trying to convince you.
“We just wanted to know why you were kicking the door.” Yunho said as he shot you a friendly smile.
“W-We’re locked in.” You mumbled quietly.
“What was that?” Changmin asked as he looked at you softly. Taking in a breath you closed your eyes for a second before you opened your eyes and looked into his.
“We’re locked in.” You said a little louder.
“That can’t be~” Yunho said as he moved past you to the door, grasping the door handle between his hands he jiggled the door as the bell rung out in distress as the wind whined through the cracks as the door didn’t budge.
“Then how did we get in?” Jaejoong asked as the other members joined Changmin and Yunho near you.
“I think that the owner forgot to lock it from the inside, that is how we could get in.” Yoochun figured out as you moved out of the way and walked further away from the group of guys. Junsu watched you as you headed back to a corner with windows and a few chairs.
Junsu followed you as he observed you, you took a seat as you rested your arm on the window, pressing your warm forehead against the cool window, you closed your eyes once again.
“May I sit here?” Junsu asked as you glanced over at him and nodded. “Is there something wrong?” Lifting your head from your hand you fiddled with your fingers as you nodded.
“I’m scared.” You quietly admitted to the kind stranger.
“Why?” He tilted his head to you as a small smirk came onto his lips.
“How would you feel if you were locked in a store with five strange guys that you haven’t ever met before.” You said as you clenched your teeth together.
“What if we weren’t strangers? We could be friends.” He said quietly as his eyes were soft and friendly.
A loud noise came from where the other four members were. Taking in another deep breath you pulled out the presents from your pocket as you set them on the table.
“I guess we don’t have a choice now do we?” You said as he let out a breathy laugh and his killer smile reflected on his face as he looked down at your little presents.
“I would like to be your friend. I am sure we all would like to be.” He defended as he shook the snow globe as his eyes crossed as he looked at the characters inside the snow globe as they symbolized love. “Why were you in here anyways?”
“I was trying to find some Christmas presents for my family who live very far away.” You said as you took out a pre printed picture of yourself and wrote a note to your parents on the bottom in your native language.
“Who is this one for?” He asked as he shook the snow globe once again.
“My sister, she collects them.” You said as you put the picture into the frame.
“Who is that for?” He asked tapping the frame with a pretty picture of you in it.
“My parents, they always like my pictures of myself.” You smiled slightly as you took the book into your grasp.
“I like your pictures too.” He said as he took the picture frame as his eyes lit up. Blush started to show on your cheeks as the other members came over.
“Well we are going to have to wait this out til morning, until the store manager comes.” Jaejoong said as they all pulled up chairs around you.
“I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Changmin, that is Yunho, Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong.” Changmin said as the members waved as they were introduced.
“Hello, I am ______.” You bowed to them as they all smiled at you happily.
“What are you doing out on Christmas eve?” Yoochun asked as he placed a hand on your shoulder as you moved your shoulder from his touch.
“Last minute presents for my family.” You explained as you began to get shy. They all nodded as Yoochun whispered to Changmin as they nodded and smiled.
“We were just on our way back from a band dinner.” Yunho explained as you slowly became more comfortable with them.
“Oh what band do you guys play in?” You asked as you had hardly explored the music other than the main bands.
“We are DBSK.” They all said in unison as it made you smile. The members smiled happily as you wrapped your coat around you tighter as you began to get colder as the cool air diffused into the shop.
The six of you talked for hours, laughing and smiling together, you asked them to sing you a few of their favorite songs as you sang some of yours. Slowly they became your friends, laughing and playing with you as you hardly felt alone anymore.
With the darkness enveloping all of you and the lanterns that they had set were fading, you yawned as the guys all giggled to themselves.
“What?” You asked as you pushed Junsu playfully on his shoulder.
“You just look cute when you yawn.” Junsu said shyly as the members all nodded in unison.
“Well I’m tired.” You said softly as you covered your mouth with your hand as you yawned again.
“We better get ready for bed then, it might be a long night.” Changmin said as the members all nodded, Yoochun helped move the chairs from the only space large enough for everyone to be together. You sat on the ground as your head rested against the wall. Changmin sat on your left as Junsu sat on your right, Yunho rested his head on Changmin’s shoulder and Yoochun laid on the floor in front of all of you. The darkness lulled you to sleep as your heavy eyelids dropped and your head moved over to Changmin’s shoulder. Junsu was soon laying on your shoulder as his arms wrapped around you. All of you slept together, keeping everyone cozy and warm as the night passed you by.
Shaking on your shoulder woke you from your sleep as you looked at Junsu.
“Come on, wake up, I think the manager is coming soon.” he said as you nodded and stood up. “Did you sleep well?”
“Actually I did, Thank you.” You smiled at him as he smiled back, the rest of the members were busy with their manager, who was on the outside of the door.
They all tried to communicate with sign language, with little success. Finding a pad of paper, you wrote down what happened and pressed it against the glass as the manager read it hastily. Hopping on the phone, he called the store owner quickly as a car drove up and the store owner came up and unlocked the door as you paid for your things and left the store.
Walking back to your place, you put your hands in your pockets as you focused on what Christmas had in store for you.
“______! _______!” Someone called your name as you turned around. Five guys were running after you. Junsu slipped on ice and wrapped his arms around you as he held you tight.
“Where are you going?” He asked as he pulled away.
“Home.” You said sadly.
“Is there anyone waiting for you there? Are you spending it with anyone?” Changmin and Yoochun asked as you shook your head.
“Come and spend it with us then. We can’t have our friend lonely on Christmas.” Jaejooong said as you smiled brightly.
“Will you come with us?” Junsu asked as you nodded.
“Thanks guys, for everything.” You said as they walked with you back to their van as they took you back to their dorm to celebrate Christmas together with your new friends.