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Colors began to paint across the sky, street lights flickered on letting the darkness slowly settle in. The soft pastel colors turned intense and then slowly faded while the darkness grew around you. Flipping on a light or two in your apartment, you gathered your phone, sliding it in your back pocket and leaned against the counter as you anxiously waited for D.O. to come and pick you up for your usual Friday night date.
Drifting your tongue along the part of your lips, your eyes shifted over to the large clock hanging on the wall. Thinking it was running slow, you dropped your eyes and pulled your phone out of your pocket. Bringing the screen to life, you sighed as you saw that he was just a few minutes late. Pressing the button to darken your screen, you stood up and paced a little wondering if something happened or if he just forgot.
Just as those thoughts crossed your mind, a vibration and chime sounded from your phone. Stopping in your tracks, you lifted your phone and quickly pulled up the new message.
I will be at your place in ten minutes… practice ran a little over - DO
A smile curled across your lips as all of the doubts were wiped off of your mind instantly.
No worries, take your time I’m not in a rush :)
Wondering over to the large windows that scaled a wall in your living room, you let your eyes wonder over the night as it slowly came to life. Curiosity struck your mind as you
pondered what D.O could have planned for the two of you.
Sooner than expected, a knock came from your front door. Snapping your head around, you quickly trotted over to the front door and looked through the peep hole. Seeing his adorable face and his hands trying to do a few final touches on his hair while a graphic t shirt and jeans was his outfit of choice. Twisting the locks just right, you opened the door with a broad smile on your face.
“Good Evening, ______” D.O smiled brightly as you couldn’t help but giggle
“Hey D.O.” You smiled as you let the door swing open a little as you grabbed your coat and pulled your arms through the sleeves. Checking that your phone was in the back of your pocket, you grabbed your keys and locked your apartment as D.O. watched you admirably.
“So what do you have planned for tonight?” You cooed, slipping your keys into your coat pocket.
“Hrmmmm, if I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise” He sang with a smile, pulling on one side of his lips more than the other. “You will just have to see” He whispered as he leaned closer to you, inhaling your sweet perfume slightly.
Sliding your hand into his, you smiled and nodded gently, “Let’s go then” You whispered back with a twinkle in your eye. Nodding his head excitedly, he headed off with you to the parking lot.
Descending down the stairs, you and D.O, caught up on what you did this past week and any fun or exciting news you wanted to share with one another. Pushing open the lobby door for you, you passed through the door before he followed. Slipping his hand back into yours, you smiled as the two of you started to walk out to his car.
A song started to play as you looked over at him not knowing what the song was or where it was coming from.
“One moment” He remarked, slowing his walk to a stop, reaching into his front pocket of his jeans and pulled out his ringing phone. “Yoboseo?”
A man’s voice was mumbling on the other side of the line so you couldn’t hear their conversation. The two of you started walking once again as he unlocked the car for you and opened your door.
“Do you really have to go out tonight? I am on a date with _______” He told the man on the phone, “Hyung! I am on a date, she doesn’t want to come over and do that” Sliding into your seat, you tried not to mind the conversation while sitting in the seat.
“Fine… I will ask her… then I will text you.. yes yes, I understand” With that he ended the call, your eyes peered up at him as he just smirked and closed the door.
Watching him round the hood of the car, he slipped his phone back into his pocket and opened his door and slid behind the wheel. You tried hard not to look at him for too long, his eyes staring ahead at the dark gauges, while his fingertips slowly ran up and down the keys on his key ring.
“Is there something wrong?” You questioned, reaching over and resting your hand on his arm to get his attention subtly.
“Hrmmm?… Oh… yeah everything is good…” He cleared his throat a little as he slid his key into the ignition. “I had planned a night of fun for us, but… my older brother wants me to come and babysit his kids…” He sighed
“Is that what the phone call was about?” You probed, his head nodded gently, his eyes slowly rolling over the steering wheel.
“We could get some ice cream before I have to babysit if you want” He offered knowing he didn’t have a lot of time, “You know… if you don’t want to come babysit with me…”
“Can I?” You beamed more than happy to go and babysit with your boyfriend.
“My brother did offer, but I didn’t know if you wanted to or not… it is kinda our date night” D.O. looked over at you to try and read your emotions.
“As long as I am with you, I consider that a date” You smiled at him as a light began to spark in his eyes.
“To babysit it is then!” D.O. slid the key into the ignition and turned it so that the car started up.
“But we get ice cream too… right?” You questioned wondering if ice cream was in the deal or not.
“Only if you are good tonight” He teased while pulling out of the parking spot.
“Alright, alright” You mumbled softly while the songs on the radio filled the cab, beautiful night life passed you by as D.O. drove the two of you to a nice neighborhood.
It was quaint, quiet and cozy as he rounded some of the tight spaces in his car before he pulled up in front of his brother’s house. Turning back the key, the purr of the engine stopped as he unbuckled himself and stepped outside. Staying in the cab, you looked around not seeing many lights around, the opening of your door caused you to jump as D.O. stood there with a smile on his face.
“Is this it?” You asked not seeing anything too fancy, just a few apartments around.
“Yep, my brother isn’t as talented as I am” He teased with a smile playing on his lips. and slid his hand into yours as you stepped out of the car. He locked the car after you closed the door as you both walked towards the gate.
Lifting the latch on the gate, he pushed open the iron gate and let you walk through it as well before he closed it behind you. Guiding you around the common area, he led you up some exterior stairs to a black door with white numbers along the top of the door.
D.O. held your hand a little tighter as you could feel the nerves start to spread through your body. Knocking on the front door, you took a small step backwards a little unsure of what was to come.
“Oh good to came Kyungsoo!~” His brother’s wife beamed brightly using his regular name just to get under his skin.
“Yah, I’m D.O.” He corrected as his brother’s wife eyes moved from her husband’s little brother to you
“Oh? Is this your date?” She questioned as you bowed politely, her gaze catching your hand held in his as well as you standing a little bit behind him.
“More like girlfriend” D.O. corrected softly, “______ this is my hyung’s wife, Maelyn. Maelyn, this is my girlfriend ______.”
“Nice to meet you, come on in you two” She smiled brightly as D.O. let you go in first as you slid off your shoes as D.O. followed suit.
“Kyungsoo!” A male voice called as D.O. smiled, moving past you the two boys hugged one another as you assumed that it was his older brother.
“Seungsoo, it is good to see you” D.O. remarked with a smile as you stepped into their living space while you watched Maelyn head back to the bedrooms.
“You too hyung” D.O. smiled as he pulled away and Seungsoo’s eyes lifted and landed on your figure.
“Who is this?” Seungsoo walked over and bowed to you with a smile.
“This is my girlfriend, ______” D.O. presented you proudly to his brother as you bowed with a smile showing on your lips.
“You better leave him now; he is only trouble” Seungsoo whispered as you giggled a little.
“Don’t worry, I like trouble” You replied cheekily as two pairs of feet scampered out of the bedroom and ran right over to D.O.
“Hey rascals!” D.O. beamed as he knelt down and wrapped his arms around the smaller children, causing you to smile and your heart to warm.
“The numbers are on the fridge if you need anything, and you know where everything is….so… oh! we will be back by midnight at the latest” Maelyn smiled as she gave you and D.O. the rundown of the boys’ schedules.
“Thank you” You nodded and walked them to the door before closing the door and locking it after the parents left.
“Who is the pretty girl, hyung?” Cooper, the older boy asked curiously
“That is _______, you be nice to her tonight okay?” D.O. smiled up at you as he stood up and pulled down his t shirt to flatten it.
“Okay” Cooper replied as the smaller boy just nodded. You smiled and waved to them as the little boy, Jin, slowly moved behind D.O.’s leg.
“Why don’t you introduce yourself so she knows who you are?” D.O. suggested as Cooper smiled and nodded.
“I’m Cooper and I am 4!” He proudly held up the right amount of fingers on one of his small hands as you smiled and knelt down.
“Very nice to meet you Cooper” You smiled as he gave you a fist bump.
“This is Jin, he is my little brother, and he is two” Cooper told you holding up the correct amount of fingers again.
“Ah I see” You nodded as you stood up and watched as Jin moved around D.O’s leg and held up his arms to be carried.
Sliding his hands under his arms, D.O picked up the small boy and held him on his hip as he whispered soft things to him getting him to nod and look at you while D.O. was all smiles. Smiling back, you waved carefully, not wanting to scare him as Cooper slid his hand into yours.
“Noona! Do you want to come and see my toys?” Cooper asked brightly as you turned your attention to the oldest.
“Sure, I would love to!” You beamed as he pulled you back to his bedroom, giving you a tour of the rest of the house on the way.
“I have a lot of toys but half of these are Jin’s” He stated as he slipped his hand from yours as you stood close to the doorway. Rummaging through the trains and action hero’s, he grabbed two colorful boxes and took your hand again before coming back out to where D.O. was holding Jin.
“Hyung do you want to play a game with Noona and I?” Cooper called as you couldn’t help but smile seeing Jin’s head on D.O.’s shoulder, his little body folded in his arms.
Whispering to the little boy lovingly, you watched Jin nod his head before heading over to the living room where you sat on the floor with Cooper.
“Do you know how to play Candy Land?” Cooper questioned as he expertly set up the game letting you and D.O choose which gingerbread man you wanted to be for the game.
“I do, I am not sure about Noona” D.O smiled brightly as he let Jin sit in his lap while he played with the bracelets around D.O.’s wrist.
“I know how to play, I have been playing for a long time” You reassured him, “Don’t worry we will go easy on you” You teased slightly as you went around and moved the pieces along the board.
“King! We win!” Jin beamed brightly in D.O’s lap as he watched the game
“We are here at the Ice Princess; we aren’t to the King yet” He smiled as he let Jin pick the card a few times before moving the pawn over the colored squares that lead towards the King.
Pulling the car on the top of the stack, you smiled widely as you slid your pawn past Coopers, and D.O.’s as you were at the last stop before making it to the King. Everyone pulled a few more cards as the gingerbread men were all neck and neck with one another. Pulling a double purple card, you smiled brightly as you skipped your gingerbread man to the last square and slid him onto the castle.
“Noona won!” Cooper called brightly as Jin clapped his hands.
“Wow I didn’t know you were good at kid games” D.O teased lightly
“Didn’t you know, I am always a kid at heart” You winked at him as Jin slowly crawled from D.O.’s lap and walked over to the tv, kneeling down. Cooper trotted over as you smiled and helped clean up the game while exchanging glances at one another with D.O.
“Jin wants to watch a movie!” Cooper smiled brightly as Jin looked through the movies and pulled one out of the shelf before he walked over and handed it to you.
“Do you want to watch Aladdin?” You asked as he nodded his little head up and down.
“How about I make some dinner, you guys get into your jammies and then we will watch the movie?” D.O posed as he watched the little ones jump up and down in excitement.
“Can we have Mac n Cheese?!” Cooper asked brightly as D.O stood up as you followed suit.
“Mac! Mac! Mac!” Jin started to chant as he jumped up and down more.
“How can I say no to that” He giggled with a smile curling from ear to ear.
“Noona lets go put the game away” Cooper helped you up as D.O handed you the game as the two of you headed off to the bedroom while Jin lagged behind, still a little unsure of you.
Heading back to their room, he tossed the game into one of the many piles in his room as you started to tidy up just a little bit so you wouldn’t be stepping on their toys.
“What are you doing?” Jin questioned as he came up beside you
“I am cleaning up so you can play with more toys tomorrow” You told them, placing the stuffed animals on their beds and folding the blankets that were on the floor.
“More…. toys?” Jin questioned as he thought it over for a moment or two before picking up some things and putting them in the toy box. In no time, the room was cleaned and everything was put back.
“Let’s go see if dinner is ready, I smell the cheese!” Cooper smiled as he jumped up and ran out of the door heading towards the kitchen, Jin ran as fast as his little legs could carry him, while you brought up the rear and slowly walked out of their room and into the kitchen.
D.O. was pouring the cheese, noodle mix into four bowls, smaller portions for the kids and a little more for the two of you. Grabbing a few forks, you slid the forks into the noodles and helped the boys take their seats before setting the food in front of them.
“Thanks Hyung!” Cooper smiled brightly before eating his dinner.
“Yummy!” Jin replied as D.O knew that it meant thank you
“Here you are” D.O pushed a bowl closer to you as she giggled at the bright orange bowl it was in.
“Thank you” You smiled at him before you took a bite, “I haven’t had this in so long” You confessed as you watched the kids eat a little messily but getting most of it in their mouths.
“Try and use the fork Jin” D.O advised as you just giggled knowing that he would continue using his hands inside.
“Aish…” D.O saw the mess growing larger and larger as you rested your hand on his arm.
“I’ll clean him up, don’t worry” You reassured him as your eyes watched him slowly relax with a nod.
Everyone was quiet through dinner until they were finished. Cooper finished off his dinner and Jin was finished not long after. Picking up Jin, you helped him wash his hands and face and made sure to get all of the sticky sauce off of his hands. Drying his small hands carefully, you placed him on the ground and slipped the finished bowls in the sink before your hands were taken by Cooper.
“Come help me change Noona!” He smiled brightly and tried to pull you towards his room while Jin followed along, sipping some milk from his sippy cup.
“C-C-Change?!” D.O stammered as some blush started to fill his cheeks.
“You told us to go change” Cooper replied as you glanced back to see Jin walking behind you.
“I-I can help you change; she doesn’t need to help” D.O trotted up to the two of you as he began to panic on the inside.
Stopping in your tracks, you picked up Jin in your arms and rested him on your hip as you stood outside the room while D.O held your arm gently.
“I can do it” His eyes were wide and almost pleading as if he didn’t want you to do it.
“Come on we need to change to see the movie” Cooper took your free hand and started to pull you towards the room.
“What if I changed you?” D.O asked Cooper, dropping down to his level quickly as you watched the conversation from above.
“She is like a Mommy and Mommy always changes us” Cooper replies as he moves quickly and pulls you into the room with him, closing the door in DO’s face.
“Yah!” D.O called as he knocked on the door, you smiled and helped the boys change into their pajamas of choice. D.O. paced nervously outside, his hands slipping into his pockets while he watched the door closely.
The door finally opened as the two boys emerged outfitted in their onesie pajamas. You were the last one to leave the room as D.O’s eyes focused on you as he stepped forward to you, causing you to stop.
“Sorry if you were scarred, I should have done that…” He rubbed his neck wondering if you had seen too much while changing the young ones.
“It is okay, I babysat before so it isn’t a big deal” You told him, rubbing your hand on his arm a little a smile slowly curled on his lips, blush outfitted his cheeks. Leaning in slightly, he pressed his lips against your cheek while one of his arms slowly snaked around you, pulling your body against his.
“Noona! Hyung! Are you coming to watch the movie?” Cooper’s voice carried through the house as you smiled and looked up at your boyfriend.
“Coming~” You cooed before returning the kiss on his cheek. Lacing your hands together, the two of you walked into the living room and settled down on the couch.
Jin crawled onto your lap as you grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around him while
Cooper sat on D.O’s lap and cuddled into his chest, sharing the blanket as well.
The movie began to play as D.O turned off the lamps around him as he moved closer to you, his hand gently resting on your leg while he rubbed it slowly, drawing little hearts and writing your name with his. Smiling, you glanced over at him and moved closer to him, resting your head against his shoulder, Cooper looked up at the two of you with a smile.
“Noona is pretty” He whispered as D.O hummed softly
“She is really pretty” D.O agreed causing your heart to leap in your chest while you rubbed Jin’s back noticing that he was falling asleep against you.
Scenes played across the screen as the boys were fast asleep in your arms not even half way through the movie.
“Thank you for making dinner tonight” You whispered as your hand found his
“No problem, thank you for coming tonight” He whispered into your hair before placing a kiss on the crown of your head.
The two of you stayed put and finished out the movie, while your eyes were fighting to stay awake towards the end, letting them close for a moment or two, you felt D.O move underneath you as the unlocking of the front door caught your attention. Opening your eyes, you moved slowly as the parents came in and smiled at you seeing their kids asleep.
“Thank you guys, we will take it from here” Maelyn smiled as you shuffled Jin into her arms while D.O shuffled Cooper into Seungsoo’s arms.
“Thank you for tonight” You whispered and bowed before making your quiet exit.
The two of you stood outside as D.O closed the door quietly. Turning back to you, he slid his hand into yours as the two of you slowly walked back to his car.
“That was a lot of fun” You remarked as he unlocked his car and slowed to a stop, turning towards him, you smiled as he smiled back. “What?” You probed seeing a different look in his eyes than before.
“Nothing… I just… never knew how you were with kids before tonight” He confessed, his free hand smoothing down the hair on the back of his neck.
“I didn’t know how fatherly you could be either…. but I like it” You took a bold move as she shifted his weight on his feet while his eyes shifted down to his feet but came back to yours.
“I better get you home it is a little late” He whispered, opening the door for you.
Nodding, you slid into your seat as you bucked up and he closed the door once he knew that you were in. Walking around the car, he took a deep breath and opened his door, sliding into his seat.
He looked over at you with love filled eyes, his heart beating wildly in his chest as his hand gently rested over yours. Getting your attention, he moved closer to you and pressed his lips against yours. At first you were taken back by the kiss but those warm and familiar lips calmed you immediately as you kissed him back. Your hand slid up against his cheek as you kissed him back, mirroring his emotions as well as adding your own.
Moving his lips against yours, you smiled and leaned into the kiss, his hands slowly wrapping around your body to try and bring you closer and closer to him. Minutes passed as the emotions through the kiss couldn’t be expressed in words, pulling away slowly, the two of you tried to catch your breath while gazing into one another eyes.
“I love you so much, _______” D.O whispered ever so softly, however the emotions behind the words were enough to cause your stomach to churn with butterflies and your heart to flutter.
“I love you too” You whispered as the two of you pressed your lips on each other’s before returning to your seats and starting off to your place.
“So…. do I get ice cream?” You giggled as you relaxed against the seat, your hand in his while his fingers gently moved over hand.
“You do, but it will have to be tomorrow so I can have a reason to come and see you again” He smirked as you nodded and closed your eyes, thinking to yourself that he was the one and only, the love of your life, your best friend.