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So since it's 2017 I was curious as to what my top played songs as of right now. Well since I discovered that my phone's music app has a playlist of my top 25 most played songs it was easy to find out. I thought it would be fun to make a card out of them along with mv's, if there is one. So here goes...
25). System by Iron Now I know he gets A LOT of hate but I love him and respect him so much as a rapper, artist and person regardless of what people say. I love his music style and how hard working he is. 24). I'M FACT by IMFACT
23). Action by NU'EST 22). Aphrodite by B.I.G
21). Between Night n Music by B.I.G 20). Taola by B.I.G Yeah I kinda love B.I.G😂
19). Right Now by B.I.G 18). Because (Sungkyu solo) by INFINITE
17). We Gotta Know by Dok2 16). Suna no Oshiro by Kanon Wakeshima If anyone's seen the amine Vampire Knight you know this song.
15). Arario by Topp Dogg 14). Ashita No Harewataru Sora Ni by Boyfriend
13). Nightmare by SHINee 12). Today (live) by IKON This song makes me SO happy
11). Girls Girls Girls by GOT7 10). Put Em Up by Jay Park & Ugly Duck
9). More Than Just A Girl by Dok2 One of my favorite from Dok2. I love the more mellow sound of Dok2 and this song. 8). My Eyes by 10cm The OST For Goblin is golden and by far one of my all times favorites.
7). Me Like Yuh by Jay Park 6). Spy by Super Junior
5). You Think by Girls Generation (SNSD) 4). Go (live) by IKON, Bobby solo
3). Falling In Love by UNIQ 2). Super Boy by N-SONIC
1). The First Snow by Jung Joonil And this one reason why I fall asleep to this album every night
So yeah this is my Top 25 Most Played list of 2016 (mostly). What is everyone's 25 or top 10 if you don't have that many or don't feel like doing that many? lol Who else is familiar with the artists listed above? I know some aren't that well known.
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You really had some awesome songs on your list.
Thank you~ ☺️I love these songs so much!
You have amazing taste
Why thank you~☺️That's obviously not even half but I listen to a wide variety of groups/artists. lol