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My favorite song is hands down Be the Light. I love this song because it's Block B's song for BBCs. How I personally view the video is that Yukwon represents Block B, and all the hardships they went through being beating down by anti fans when they had their big scandal and while dealing with all the bullshit Cho PD. The girl is the fans that left because the group is problematic, even though she seemed to be someone that cared. And the remaining members of Block B are the fans that stayed and helped them get back on their feet.
Both times that I have seen Block B in concert I cried my eyes out when they preformed this song; because this song was my rock when I was in a bad place and when you hear a song that means so much to you it just hits you so hard in the feels. When I have the money I will be getting the lyrics of this song tattooed down my side so that I can always have it with me.
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Beautiful song ❤