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No peeking °_°
Question 1 B
Question 2 C
Question 3 B
Question 4 A
Question 5 B
Question 6 C
Question 7 A
Question 8 B
Question 9 B
Question 10 C
If you have any questions, comment them. I will try to answer all of them . . . I said try, right
If you have 9 to 10 out of 10, you are probably one of the big fans who re-watch it a lot (if so you are like me:)) If you have 7 to 8 out of 10, you probably watch Fairy Tail a lot and are a fan of it. If you have 5 to 6 out of ten, you probably either didn't finish it, or haven't watched it for a while. If you have 0 to 4 out of ten, dude, you should probably wait to take this test once you've watched more . . . Post your score in comments!
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yay!😁😃🎉🎊 I got 10/10!🎊🎉 😄perfect score!😉 And yes I rewatched it 4 times from beginning to the end (dub/sub) my favorite anime FAIRY TAIL❣
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@SteveZuniga yes i know what you mean😊