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January 16, 1985 a beautiful and talented man was given to us. I'm going to tell you why I love him so much
This man got me into dramas. The first k-drama I watched was Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Lee Min Ki was my first huggggeeeee Korean actor crush. I fell in love with his acting and just him in general and I'm still crazy about him to this day
He also stars in one of my favorite movies EVER. Monster is an incredible movie and obviously him starring in it made it even better. The movie became one of my favorite movies after the first time I watched.
I often find myself going back and watching his movies or SUFBB when I'm upset or angry because seeing his beautiful performances makes me so incredibly happy. I can't imagine a day he won't make me happy.
His music is something I hold very close to my heart. His music is wonderful and his voice to me is really unique and beautiful. His music is a calming thing for me and I listen to it when I'm down. If I'm ever upset just send me anything Lee Min Ki really
So happy birthday my beautiful cinnamon roll. I adore you, love you, and hope your birthday was everything you hoped for. I wish you nothing but happiness and love and I cannot wait to see what you do now. Please be happy and healthy and continue being you. Your existence alone makes me smile and I cannot thank you enough for everything your performances have gotten me through. Your talent is something that should be admired. Thank you for being my first and biggest Korean actor crush. I hope your birthday was as special as you.