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come on guys sbs said it's not enough to make another scarlet heart. so come on let's make sbs see that we need to see an number too. Fighting let's make it happen I think we should get to see the modern part too. Let's go!! Here is the petition Spread spread spread!!!!! What do we want?! Scarlet Heart 2! When do we want it?! Now!
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@Helixx I know we jist finished this...but could you imagine a continuation? I COULD SEE MORE OF MY BEAUTIFUL JISOO AND JOOHYUK!!!!
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Out of all of the princes those two were Bae 😍😍😍😍😍😍 (and I'm baekhyun biased so that's saying something)
@CLAKPOP Well the reason most people want a season 2 for Scarlet Heart including me is because of the ending. it felt so incomplete and empty. We need closure and they didn't give it to us. Descendants of the Sun actually had a good ending, most people just want more because it was so good.
I haven't seen scarlet heart yet, if it's that good then they should! Just like with Descendants of the Sun!
the ending was terrible, i demand season 2, willing to fly to SK to start a silent protest at sbs if they dont give us one 😀
@princessnaomi I m right behind you 😀😀😀
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