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Hey you guys this has been another hectic week for me (being sick and all) but without any delay here is the music from this week in case you missed anything (cause I know I missed some)

Niel -Love Affair

Aggie Sullen

Jooheon -Rhythm

Seohyun -Don't Say No

LOONA/YeoJin -Kiss Later

Kasper -Lean On Me

Kang Sira -Don't Wanna Forget

Puer Kim -How Are You, The Love of My Life

Dasom x 40 -You & I, Fluttering

Park Kyung -When I'm With You

Eyedi -Type (K)

Joo Chan x So Yoon -No one like you

Yesung x Seulgi -Darling

Gain x Jeff Bernat -Pray

Laysha -Party Tonight (Remake)

CLC -Hobgoblin

I.O.I -Down Pour

Dreamcatcher -Chase Me

National Pigeon Unity -Supertask

HearIM -Snow Flower

Dick Punks -Fired Up

Park Jong Chul -What Am I Living For

Burningsoda -Cutie Puppet

J.slow -Oh Yeah

LuHan -Skin to Skin

Kris Wu -Juice

Tagging all of my lovelies
I hope you feel better I only like some of the songs not all of them
O.O Please tag me to these cards~!!!! And I hope you feel better soon!! xC