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{TLT} High School Edition: Hikaru x Haruhi! 馃挄

This True Love Tuesday, we're highlighting our favorite high school ships!

Haruhi x Hikaru - Ouran High School Host Club

Ship Haruhi with Tamaki all you want, but I will go down with this ship! I ship Haruhi x Hikaru so hard! Hikaru can get emotional sometimes, and I think he needs someone chill and understanding like Haruhi who understands him like Kaoru does; even Kaoru thinks so, and I think he puts it best! I always liked the chemistry Haruhi had with the twins, and I think she and Hikaru are perfect for each other.
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Hikaru and Haruhi all the way 馃挋馃挌馃挏
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In what exactly sis ??
10 months ago
I ship them together, I always thought they were cuter than Haruhi with Tamaki.
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Same here
10 months ago
Tag in the future plz
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Can there please be a second season of Ouran high school host club
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