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Within minutes of arriving home from a shoot, Jak’s cell rings with a call from the US.
J: “HEY!”
You: Hey yourself. How come I can never get a hold of you anymore? You move to another country and forget I exist or something? I’m offended.
J: I could never forget you, you wouldn’t let me.
There’s a happy, ridiculous smile on Jak's face as she plops down in one of the chairs. The kind of happy that comes from talking to the one person in the world that knows you better than family, the one you consider family.
You: Darn right! So, why have you been so busy? I just keep getting your voicemail.
J: Hold up.
Jak looks down and scrolls through her phone.
J: I don’t have any messages from you.
You: I didn’t leave any. I wanted to speak TO you not your voicemail.
J: Well I can’t call you back if you I don’t know you called.
You: Is your caller ID broken or your eyeballs?
J: Umm, my eyeballs? You know, I have terrible eyesight.
You: So you’re running around South Korea blind as a bat without your contacts? That could explain a lot actually.
J: You know me. What’s up?
You: I have Spring Break coming up and wondered if you had time in your busy schedule for a visitor?
J: You’re COMING HERE? WHEN? Now, get here now.
You laugh at her eagerness: Well I can’t apparate; but that would be really cool if I could. Imagine the places I could go and it would save me a ton of money on parking, plane tickets….
J: Yeah, yeah , yeah. When is Spring Break?
You: Couple of weeks. I’ll send you my flight info when I get it.
Jak looks at her schedule.
J: That should work great, I have limited shoots and he’ll be out of town.
BFF: HE'LL be out of town? Who’s he?
Jak bites her lip and smiles a little.
J: What would you say if I told you I was kind of dating one of my idols?
YOU: Wait… you’re not serious. Holy crap, you’re SERIOUS?
J: Well it’s not serious yet but yeah, we’ve been out a few times. He calls me every night.
YOU: And you're JUST telling me?!? How long? Aww... Jakkkk, you have a boyfriend! I’m so proud of you! Which one is it and you’ll have to send me a picture because I can’t keep up with your ever changing list of idols.
J: You should recognize him, he’s been in my top 3 since I got into Kpop. Was my first bias actually.
YOU: Top three…. Okay is he the young one, the old one, or the almost old one.
YOU: That confirms it, it’s the old one. How much older is he than you again?
J: I’m not saying, you’re being rude.
YOU: I am not. It’s a legitimate question!
J: No it isn't. Back to vacation plans. Let’s make a list of what we want to do when you get here.
A cab pulls up to the airport curb and Jak hops out of the back waving. Typical Jak, in leggings and long flannel shirt. You shake your head, she still can't dress herself to look like a girl.
Once they got situated in the back again they head into downtown Seoul. As they pull up to a hotel, you look at her weird.
“Why aren’t we going to your apartment?”
“Because I have roommates from hell. This will be more fun, we can splurge a little and I’ll even let you take me to get pampered.”
“Really? Wow, your roommates must be bad.”
You take a look at her face and start to steam.
“Wait. How bad? What haven’t you been telling me? Take me to your apartment, are they home?”
Jak shrugs trying to blow it off.
“Probably not, they usually aren’t, which is why I put up with it. It’s not so bad when it’s just me.”
“That’s no way to live! Why didn’t you tell me? I would have come to visit sooner and taught them a lesson.”
Jak grabs your arm and hugs you close, putting her head on your shoulder.
“You’re here now and you aren’t teaching anyone a lesson. Plus, you were in school. Don’t you graduate at the end of the semester?”
“Good grief yes! I can’t wait! What was I thinking taking more school?”
“You were thinking you’re smart and that you want to do something with your life.”
“Psh, sounds like I should have been here taking care of you.”
“I’m fine, see? All in one piece, the bruises are my own doing, as usual.”
“Mhm. I still want to have a talk with your roommates.”
“No, it’s good. Jiyong told one of them off a couple months ago, you should have seen the colors her face turned. I didn’t think that was humanly possible. It was really pretty cool to watch.”
“Well, he isn’t your best friend, I should have been here to protect you.”
“Then you’ll just have to move here when you graduate and take care of me then, won’t you?”
yay it's me! im here to the rescue!
Things are coming together for our girls!