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It's True Love Tuesday in the anime community and the theme is High School Edition!

The Anime Mod Crew:

Kou x Futaba - Ao Haru Ride

My favorite high school couple is by far Kou and Futaba. Ever since I read the manga which was the first manga that I ever completed all the way through. I instantly fell in love with this couple. They are so cute and in my opinion relationship goals. I shipped this so hard! Kou is my ideal anime boyfriend. I have many anime crushes but he is my ideal type. He's funny, can be charming at times, tall, handsome and super smart. He is a perfect match for the goofy, outgoing and beautiful Futaba. They mesh together so well. And the precious moments they share always make me smile. I love the emotional and touching scenes between them and even the cute ones! I have so many favorite scenes with them.

My favorite scene:

Is when they fall down a hill then hug and cry together, it's so sad yet touching! Futaba reassures Kou that he isn't alone, he has friends that care a lot about him. That they won't leave him! I love this so much and it makes me cry every time.

Cute Scene:

The scene where they both lay their heads on the table towards the opposite direction and then turn their heads and look at each other right in the eyes. The animation from this scene is gorgeous with the sparkle in their eyes and everything looks bright. After they look each other in the eyes, Kou then turns his head back around and Futaba then pets Kou's hair. She then leans in to sniff his hair. Kou grabs her hand, sits up and asks do you like me? She strongly denies it. But she obviously does. It's such a cute scene and memorable.

True Love!!!

They are each other's first love and even though they meet each other again after a few years and they have changed a lot since middle school they couldn't help but fall in love with one another once again. In middle school Kou's name was Tanaka Kou but is now changed to Mabuchi Kou. He is also tall now, has long hair, and his voice got deeper. His personality also changed from being a total sweetheart and shy to cold and not as shy. Futaba used to be the pretty girl that all the guys liked and had a small amount of friends because of her being so popular with guys. But once she hit High school she changed her ways and decided to make herself seem less appealing to guys by eating a lot in front of them, not being so neat and being loud and outgoing.


They are also extremely funny, I love how comedic they are together. They make fun of each other, their facial expressions are priceless and they have a great relationship.

"We're gonna be late!"


Well they are adorable. So here as some gifs/pics to prove how cute they are. I just adore them so much. I want a relationship like theirs but it's an anime, so it's more than likely not ever going to happen.
"Are you wearing perfume?" One of my other favorite scenes. So cute. "No, I don't wear anything like that. Maybe it's my shampoo."
Even Tanaka-Sensei (Kou's older brother and their teacher) walks in to disrupt their progress. Dang it Tanaka-Sensei, they were so close to a kiss!!! XD
So cute, he shields her from others seeing her cry since she was in panic mode and he did it in the cutest way possible. <3
I have so many favorite high school couples like Takumi x Misaki (Kaichou Wa Maid-sama: 2nd favorite High School couple), Kazehaya x Sawako (Kimi Ni Todoke), Yamato x Mai (Say, I Love You: My 2nd favorite High School couple) and Kei x Hikari (Special A). I have many more as well but these are my top favorite's when it comes to high school couples.

Who is your favorite high school anime couple and why?

You can either make a card and participate in the fun for {TLT} or let me know in the comments! I'm curious. If you do make a card, please tag me and the Anime Mod Crew! ^.^~

I recently finished this anime and I loved it so much!
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hahaha okay I'll check it out