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Hello my Lovely Otaku's

Today is True Love Tuesday! High School Edition...Today I picked Haru x Shizuku
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shoujo. If you're into these type of Genres then this anime is for you!
So I'm going to take some time out of my schedule before class to fangirl over this anime while being sick! Atleast i'm feeling better than the weekend...I was dead....back to fangirling!

I ship Haru x Shizuku so much I mean they're so cute together

but Haru is another Story
Its so cute how he tries to get close to Shizuku and he's just being himself!
I love how he is so blunt about loving shizuku at the very begining and then she says
Just Them Ugh!! SO ADORABLE!!
Well thats all I have for tonight guys! be tuned I will be post a Pokemon Card real soon! Either tonight or tomorrow depending on how I feel since I need to get better.
Japanese Name: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Tell us who your Favorite {TLT} is! Make sure you check out @AimeBolanos card for and don't miss out on any of it :)

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My Pokemon Team

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i loved my little monster
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that sounds awesome we should make a marathon of it lol
If you like the anime then the manga is a must read.
that would be fun to read... if only I had time
ugh I have to rewatch this again <3 (for the fourth time lol)
fun fact: this took my subbed virginity 😂