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Wild & Sexy Tuesdays..

I came home today and did what6evwr and relax came to open vingle..and..
no Jackson's card I was (:-(( hehe
is ok.. here some Sexy for you..our baby must be celebrating still, that award he got from Weibo Night Awards..
I am so so so proud of him and the boys ..Is like I can't stop bragging about it hahaaha
Well in these gifs apparently our dear GaGa doesnt have a Bias in JJP❤
haha .
So handsome..❤

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He loves everyone
He knows that he can't chose because the one he doesn't chose will be upset.
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@TaraJenner So true 😂
it's easy Jackson choose your mom you always choose your mom.
He had the perfect response though: someone asks Jackson a loaded question *smirks cutely*
left or right arm? choose the dominant one, mom or dad? choose the one who will get madder if you didnt 😂 JB or Jinyoung? well personally I love Jinyoung the most but I dont think I'd want to upset JB 😅
exactly .😂😂😂