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due to language, and sensual content
Reader & Jay Park
When money mixes business with pleasure, putting you at high risk of losing everything you work so hard for, even though he gets to keep everything. So what you gonna do? Put your foot down? Or will you let it all fall apart...

~(Y/N Pov)~

I was working in my cubical on money related paperwork. My manager had came to the entry/exit way of my cubical and looked over my shoulder. "On next week's paper work already?" I chuckled at her comment as I smiled warmly. "Nope, its actually a month ahead." I pointed to the month and year, of the paper work.
"What the ,..... I was joking...." I shrugged as I focus on the paper work. "Oh my goodness, no wonder their trying to take you away from me." I stopped typing, to look over at her confused. "Who trying to take me from you?"
She had bit her lip, as she stood up straight, and crossed her arms against her chest. "You see, my boss wants me to send you to see him. Apparently their having a problem with a branches finances." I looked at her a bit surprised as she pouted. "But I don't want to give you away. You're one of the best employees on this floor. Who else is going to have us stable financially for the next month."
I chuckled softly as I felt my face warm up from blushing. "Go... before I change my mind, and tell them to go fuck themselves." She smiled warmly at me, as she gave me permission to see her boss. I saved my work, and sent it to her computer, before logging out and going to the Director Manager's office.
He was sitting behind a glass desk, signing away on papers. His office had an amazing view of Seoul, making the room feel a bit calming. "You can have a seat Miss *Y/LN." I nodded my head, before taking a seat in front of his desk. He sighed heavily, before moving the papers to a folder, and bringing something up on the computer. When he finished all of that, he gave me his attention.
"I pulled up your file from when you first apply to work with us. Apparently we recruited you straight out of grad-school. When we offer you the job, you tested out of the rest of your classes to graduate early with a master in Business Management. Your a certify Mathematical Genius, and have our books balances months in advance. No wonder she was asking me to have you be her assistant manager."
I just pursed my lips together to hold back my smile, that was screaming to appear along my lips from his praising. It was one things when I said it but another when someone else talked about my accomplishments. "Sadly though, I need to transfer you, instead of promoting you like I desire to do."
I felt my heart ache a bit at his comment. I didn't want to be transfer, I rather be promoted and climb the corporate latter. "You see, we a hip-hop branch, which is called AOMG. Yes it been founded and run by Jay Park, and lately he has been having us help him with his money management. Yet, it seem something is wrong with the paper work we have been looking over. He requested that we assign someone to personally look after their money management."
I gulped as I put two and two together. I was being transfer over to AOMG. One the internationally known record labels in South Korea. "His Co-CEO has even agree with him. Since you are the youngest member of our Financial Department, we have decided to send you over. But you must remember to report your recordings to us weekly, since you still are an employee here in CJ E&M."
I simply nodded my head, as a knock was heard at the door. A man dress casually came into the room, bowing his head. "Excused me, but you summon me over?" I looked over at the man, and just simply blinked. "Ah yes.... Miss Y/LN here will be going over the books you brought to us. She is going to be your new financial manager."
I got up and bow, before shaking the man's hand. "So you're the one joining our team. Our crew gonna love you. Just be careful, most of them are womanizers." He joked, making me smile warmly as my new boss clear his throats. "That reminds me, remember Miss Y/LN there is no dating in this company. AOMG does count..."
I nodded my head, as the other man patted my back. "Kind of glad I left the books back at the office. Give me a chance to introduce you to the boys and hoodie. This way you can make you're self at home." I looked between the two of them. "Wait I'm being transfer right now?"
They both hummed in agreement, making me look at them both with wide eyes. "Lets go get your things, then we can go over to AOMG." I just blinked, and mindlessly follow the staff member form AOMG.
I walked into the AOMG building with the man that came to get me, he was carrying one box, as I carried the other. He took me straight to my own office which was the same size as my boss's, but a bit more dusty and minus the great view. It only allow me to look into the lounge area, which was awesome, cause I could watch TV while I worked.
Better than watching it on my phone in secret, while I worked. "Yeah sorry, come tomorrow the dust will be gone." I ran out of the room after his spoke to sneeze. "Bless you cutie." I looked up to see Ugly Duck standing a few feet away from me. "Miss Y/LN are you okay?" The man can out the room after me, as he patted my back.
"Ah, Ne, Its just allergies... Dust triggers it for me." He turned to look into the office before closing the door. "Well give me a chance to clean it for you, before you start working in there." I smiled warmly and nodded my head. "So she the one CJ E&M sent over to manage our money?"
I looked up at Duck, as he smiled warmly at me. He offer his hand, after giving a light bow. "Nice to meet you, I'm Ugly Duck, but you may call me Ju Kyung. Welcome to the team." I blinked before taking his hand and returning the light bow. "Um...I'm Y/N, thank you for allowing me to be apart of your team."
Ju Kyung looked at me a bit puzzled after we let go of each other's hands. "Y/N you wouldn't happen to be the shy type." I looked up at him, blinked, before looking down. "Aish you are too cute. Looks like I might need to protect you from the others.... well maybe not Loco hyung." He chuckled, as I looked up at him again. "Lets go to the lounge, Jay hyung has been waiting for you to get here."
Ju Kyung, put his arm around my shoulders, before guiding me into the loin's den, aka the lounge. I looked around and bow, as they all took notice of me. "Wait you're the one they sent over to work with us here?" Jay pointed at me, as I just looked at him a bit intimated by him. "Wow, I half excepted some old dude, not a beautiful young foreigner."
I looked up at Jay and arched an eyebrow. "Who you calling a foreigner... Have you looked in a mirror, Mr. Park."Jay looked taken back, as Ju Kyung choked on his laughter. "I think you have been in South Korea a little to long, if you of all people are calling me a foreigner." I puffed my cheeks, and crossed my arms. "Aigoo, Y/N you are so fucking cute I can't even." Ju Kyung came over and pulled me into his arms as he laughed.
I looked up at him, and pursed my lips together to only fail at hiding my smile. "Here I though she was going to be this shy timid thing. She turn around and put Jay hyung in his place." Jay cover his eyes with his hands, but didn't hide his smile, while shaking his head.
"Mianhae, Y/N, I didn't mean to offend you. Just a bit taken back is all. As you can see here. We treat each other like family, so your comment was a nice way of showing you're willing to adjust into our crew." He waved his hands at the others, getting me to look back at them. Everyone was smiling, as Loco waved at me. "Ju Kyung oppa, said you and him had to protect me."
I pointed out Loco, as I looked over at Ju Kyung who just blinked at me. "You just said oppa... how old are you, Y/N?" I blinked before looking down. "I'm a year younger than you. Actually I'm the youngest crew member of the financial department. Instead of promoting me again, they sent me to come work with all of you." I didn't really like talking about myself, but I knew I had to make that very clear to them.
"Yeah sorry about that, Y/N. But heck at least with us you can relax, and hangout. No pressure what so ever."
I looked up at Jay, as he rubbed the back of his neck. "That's not actually a good thing for me. If you're books are already well manage, I can have a whole years worth of book work down in a week. I'm gonna end up bored." Jay smiled so sweetly at me that I felt my heart skip a beat.
'That reminds me, remember Miss Y/LN there is no dating in this company. AOMG does count...'
My boss's words replay in my head, reminding me to not fall for that damn beautiful smile of Jay's. "Then come hangout with us. Hopefully our books are that good that you can." I felt myself being pulled up as he his tongue glided along his lips. Damn this was going to be a challenge in it's self to not fall into one of the Lion's traps.
Hopefully Loco and Ugly Duck actually do protect me. Because I think I'm gonna need it.
*Y/LN = Your Last Name
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