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due to language, and sensual content and violence
Reader & Loco


When Sober, he as sweet as a puppy, but when Drunk He's a true thug... You as one of the best cat burglars get caught when he's a Drunken Thug. Oh the things he does to you, the threats he makes come true. Makes you work for him, but only when he drunk. He ignores you when sober, in fear you will use his sober state as an escape.

~(Loco POV)~

"Yo Loco-ah, you coming or what!?"

Jay hyung called out to me, as I came running down the stairs. "Ne, I'm coming, I'm coming." We were heading out to the club to celebrate the success of the concert. We called Uber for a ride, since most of us had been drinking already. A bit of pre-gaming is what Jay hyung calls it. We requested for an Escalade driver, and they were more than happy to grant. I ended up sitting shot gun, since the others were already in the car, chatting away.

The driver looked over at me, and gave me a very warm smile. I couldn't help but smile back. I then turn to face the crew, and join their convocations. It didn't take the driver long to get us to the club, just like it didn't take us long to have ladies all over us in the V.I.P section of the club. Jay hyung and Kiseok hyung, were the first ones to start shoving their tongues down their girl's throats.

"Yah, Loco hyung, why aren't you drinking?"

"Nah, I'm good right now, Duckie. I'll get a drink in a bit."

I just didn't want them to be able to remember how I actually get went truly shit faced. I usually always wait til everyone was drunk so they wouldn't notice me slipping away to drink on my own. I would occasionally drink a shot or two with them, but normally cut myself off. Its already bad enough they caught me being drunk a few times. Luckily I wasn't fully blacked out. I was able to control myself, and appear like their goofy lovable Loco. The squishy puppy of AOMG.

After a good while, they were drunk enough, for me to make my own way to the bar. I drank until I felt my personality shift to my true Loco side. I turn around and grabbed the closest beauty to me. She turn around, and happily came over to me. "You here alone?" She nodded her head yes, as I smirked. "Good, go towards the back, tell them I sent you. I'll be there in one moment."

She looked a bit confused by my words, yet with a smile she did as I told. I chugged another drink down, before going in the same direction. I slipped the security guard a couple of hundreds, before slipping into the private room. She had already set up the pot as I sat beside her. "You smoke I see, normally I have to corrupt a beauty into smoking."

She looked up at me, and I noticed she wasn't the same girl I had pulled towards me before. This trick was classier than that other one. She had long leather gloves on and diamonds in her ears, and along her neck. She was using her long silver like hair cover half of her face. She gave me a winning eye smile, before putting the pot down.

I just stared at her, before looking around. This woman stop me midway though, by clawing over me, and straddling my lap. My hands found her waist that was barely covered. She had a crop top, long sleeve shirt on, with a V-neck, and leather jeans, that sagged due to the big ass she had. Damn this thot knew what she was doing, and made me want to know what she was up to.

"Speak, who the fuck are you. Or am I gonna have to actually lay a hand on a woman."

This woman raised an eyebrow, as if to challenge me. I growled under my breath, as I noticed her hand grab the bottle of wine, that was on the table. She was up to not good, but she didn't know, when drunk I was more alert than I was when sober. I quickly moved out of reflex, and started to choke her out with one hand, before pulling the wine bottle out of her grasp.

"I see you made your choice."

She started to struggle to get free, as rolls of cash fell out of her leather jeans front pocket. More spilling out of form under her crop top, as I pushed her backwards, by her throat. I then looked over at my wall safe, and saw it was crack open. This bitch just try getting away with robbing me.

"You fucking whore!"

I pushed her back far enough, that she was almost laying on the floor. She was coughing, as I squeezed, but she still manage to catch me off guard, and pull a weapon on me. I lighten my grip, the moment she had a knife to my neck. I smirked at her actions, it was actually a major turn on. "Do it, I'm the owner of this club, and got a good rep, so you'll be going down hard."

She press a bit into my neck, making a tiny cut, and drawing blood. I saw fire burning in her eyes, as her silver hair wig fell off revealing she had short brown hair, and was a foreigner. She was making me hungry in the position I had her in. This woman was going to feed it...

~(Y/N POV)~

As I jump from rooftop to rooftop, I looked at my phone, to get more detail and information on my target. I stop and crouched down, once I made it on the roof top of my hit. I looked over the edge, and saw crowds of people laughing, dancing, throwing up, cursing and parking their cars.

This was going to make escaping a bit difficult, but not impossibles. I had been casing this place for over a month now. The owner of the club went by Hyuk Woo, and was making shit ton of money from this one location. It was a nightclub, and from what I learn, he used this club as a way to make dirty money. He was dealing and playing with woman in this club.

Which just peak my interest in the club more. I was suppose to be in South Korea to be on the down low from the Feds, but I just had that itch I needed to scratch. Taking money and priceless beauties was an a drug. That came with an amazing rush that left me high for days. I look off my backpack, and got my silver long hair wig on. I then snuck into the building via rooftop entry.

This man was making it way to easy to rob him. I sighed out of boredom from being able to get in with such ease. I had made my way to the hallway, that lead to the private rooms. The security was guarding the wall entrance to the crowd of people. Making it cake walk to get into their boss's private room.

Pot in a was in a jar on the table with blacks, and a pipe as well. I smirked and took an already rolled up one, and place it in my mouth, before making my way to the secret wall safe.

"Who the fuck are you?"


I mumbled under my breath, before jumping over the couch and punching her once in the face, and once in the gut. Wasn't hard to knock out another woman. Since all woman then to share the same two week spots. I dragged her into the bathroom, before locking her inside, and went back to the safe.

I knew I had to make this fast, or else I wasn't going to be able to escape in time. Normally he takes his time picking her prey for the night, but he was moving faster today, more than usual. I grinned when I crack the safe, and started stashing money away, into my pockets, and into my bra. I wasn't going to be able to hit this place again for a while, let along get away with much.

But the funds will help me get by for a while. I froze the moment I heard the door knob be touched. I quickly closed the safe up, jump over to the couch, pulled the pot from my lips, and pretended to be rolling it up. I saw the door wing open, from the eye that wasn't being covered by the wig.

"You smoke I see, normally I have to corrupt a beauty into smoking."

The owner spoke, as he closed the door, and made his way to the couch. I looked up at him, to see that he was actually one of the famous rappers from AOMG. I was a bit shocked to see it was Loco... Mr. Puppy. I snap out of it though and gave him my winning eye smile, before putting the pot down.

His smile faded as he realized I wasn't his original girl that was now locked in the bathroom, knocked out. He then started to look around the room, which made me noticed the safe was still cracked open. I moved swiftly, and crawl over to straddle his lap. He instantly looked back at me, as his hands rest on my waist. I could smell alcohol on his breath, as he licked his lips.

"Speak, who the fuck are you. Or am I gonna have to actually lay a hand on a woman."

I sigh under my breath, as I arched an eyebrow at him. Mr. Puppy was gonna lay a hand on me? He didn't seem like the type to do that, but you never know someone until you truly meet. I think it was time for him to sleep though, so I can get out of here smoothly. I lean back, and went to get the bottle of wine he had out to get his prey drunk with.

"I see you made your choice."

I moved faster, the moment he told me, he noticed my actions. He beat me to the bottle though, by catching me off guard. He had one arm grabbing my arm, kicked the table away, and started to choke me with his other hand. I started to cough as his grip tighten.

Loco's eyes went to the rolls of cash that fell out of my pocket. He then looked up at me, to see some trying to escape my bra. With in seconds, he looked at the safe, growled loudly. His grip tightening around my neck.

"You fucking whore!"

I used my free hand, to pull out my switch blade and put it to his neck, in hope of his grip loosing. It appear I had caught him off guard with my actions, as I noticed his eyes darken, whilst he grinned. "Do it, I'm the owner of this club, and got a good rep, so you'll be going down hard."

He had pushed me back enough to make my wig fall off, as I pushed the knife deeper into his neck, drawing blood. He licked his lips, before letting my arm go to remove the knife from his neck. He pushed me down on the floor, with his hand still firmly around my neck. "You're a beauty yourself... so how about I make you a preposition."

Loco had completely loosen his grip, but kept his fingers wrap around my neck. "Join my crew here... get me back the money people own me, and I'll cut you in a good 40%. Since it seems you're so good at robbing people, as well know how to get out of sticky situations. If you decline... I'll have my men get rid of you permanently."

Well Damn... He had me by my neck and my knife in his hand. Yet he made me an offer like a true mobster. Work for him or die right here right now.



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