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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby) Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes...
Y/n's POV "Shit, shit. Velvet you're such a fucking good bunny." Ju Kyung moaned while he pounded into you. You didn't realize that he'd gotten so pent up and so on edge. Did what happen in the playroom get him this excited? "Master." You moaned. His hand wrapped around your neck and squeezed making you light headed. You two had made it to the bedroom but he couldn't wait for you once you were in the door. He needed you, it was a different side of Ju Kyung you were experiencing. He was rough and hard, his laboured breaths seemed loud but extra steamy while he was on top of you. You loved the way he sounded and how rough he was, it was amazing. "Fuck." You moaned out. He lifted your legs over your head and continued pushing inside of you. "Shit Velvet. You're so tight." "I'm gonna come." You cried. He pulled your legs down and wrapped them around his waist. He crashed his lips over yours and drew quick circles on your clit with his fingers. You screamed in his mouth as you began to jerk from the orgasm your body reached. His body continued to slam into yours and he came off your lips moaning deeply. His eyes just slightly open to see you still fucked out and then he released inside of you. He kept riding into you, his sharp thrusts came down to soft smooth ones and he laid down beside you once he came out of you. You could hear him breathing heavily. "Ju Kyung." "Shut up." He said catching his breath. You got upset and sat up, "What did you just say to me?" "I said shut up." He sat up and leaned back over you, laying you back into the bed. His thumb came to your bottom lip and pulled it down gently. He kissed you softly and his hand came down to your heat, "Aren't you done?" You said. "Stop talking bunny or I'll ask you to be silent. That'll drive you mad won't it? Just as crazy as you've been driving me." He said. You looked at him; his eyes were still dark. His fingers continued to pump inside of you and he came down your body, his lips clasping around your clit. He began to slurp you up, the sound getting to you and your hand coming down to his head. He grabbed your hand and pulled it off of him. He looked up at you while he ate you out. Your stomach began to twist in that familiar coil. You swallowed hard watching him. He hummed against you and every now and again his eye rolled back in the enjoyment of your taste. The first time you two ever had sex and he was this wild. Honestly, if you had known he was like this in bed you would've fucked him a long time ago. You were in need of a good fucking but Ju Kyung was your friend. Although, right now, the word friend didn't even exist to him. Instead you were his sex slave, his pet, his playmate. He had begun play mode before you could even digest everything that had gone on at the club. He was just stealing your energy from you now. His tongue started to dart in and out of you making you grip the bed sheets and arch off the bed. Your legs tried to move but he grabbed you by the back of your legs and yanked you forward. The strong grip he took of your thighs and the way he continued to feast on you was bringing you close to another climax. He stood up and crawled over you. His tattoos were even more beautiful against his hot body. He kissed you roughly making you taste yourself on his lips. Your hands came to his face and grabbed them and pinned them to the bed. Did he not want you touching him? He did say that you had to have permission in order to touch him. He was really this demanding, this controlling in bed? It wasn't bad but it was just a whole new Ju Kyung to get used to. He had slipped inside of you again not allowing you to lose the feeling of your second orgasm. He held your legs open wide and pushed down on your knees so you were open and exposed to him. "Touch yourself." He ordered. Your head rushed at the sound of his command. Your fingers came down to touch your clit while your other hand fondled your breast. You were moaning out loud, feeling yourself coming closer to the edge. He licked your lips and bit your bottom one. He grabbed your hips and your legs locked around him. He slammed into you making you cry out and your fingers move faster. "Fuck! You're ruining me." You whined. It seemed like the idea. His lips came to your neck and he kissed you roughly. He licked, bit and sucked marks onto your body. If you were his, he had the right to mark you and that was something you hadn't thought about. You didn't care about it, you wanted him, more of him so much more. You couldn't stand it; the way your heart was racing you were losing yourself in him. "Oh. My. God!" You screamed latching onto anything you could. You gripped his arm while he continued to ride inside of you. You were still mewling as this second climax tried to find an end. Your body was shaking and you felt weak. Your heart was pounding and he just kept going. If you had the energy you'd tell him enough but all your energy went to collecting breaths which he quickly stole from you again with a kiss. His groans into your mouth let you know he was close again. His hips picked up, snapping into you quickly. He scooped your legs up into his arms and leaned over your body. You felt him twitch inside you and then came his second release. This time he stayed inside you. He laid on his side still connected with you. He let your leg rest on his side and his hot breath met your chest. You were still catching yours. "Velvet. You're already my favorite pet." He chuckled. You looked at him with hazy eyes, he brushed your hair and kissed your forehead. "Enough Y/n." He said. You recognized him releasing you from your pet role but you weren't sure you had the energy to retaliate against him. You weren't sure what you wanted to retaliate against him for. Everything about the club had been forgotten for the moment. He softly kissed your lips and his eyes slowly closed. He was finished for the night and honestly so were you.... You woke up the next morning to find he had left before you. He left a note on the dresser asking you to take your suits with you and that he had the contract redraw with the changes discussed however there was one part of the contract that needed to be finished. He asked you to meet him for lunch to discuss the following: punishments and rewards. You actually had a previous lunch date that you couldn't miss so you called him after you headed home and got dressed for work. You got his secretary and told him that you couldn't attend lunch and that he should call you back at his earliest convenience to reschedule. You had to think about everything anyway. You had gone to the club yesterday and the things you had seen and that were done you were starting to digest. For one, the cat show, they were being treated like circus animals but it was almost entertaining the way they pounced on each other like actual kittens at play. It seemed the animal roles that the people took on were supposed to fit their personality but you also believed that they changed once they became pets much like Ju Kyung's silly, idiot manner in front of all the guys changed to a business manner when he was working and even as a pet owner. He was slightly different as a pet owner though, he was teasing to you and very rough. His need for absolute obedience and his rough side in bed made you wonder if there was more to him that you'd learn by doing this. He'd taken advantage of his knowledge about you though, the fact that you'd been with women before, despite being drunk during those times, he played against you. Honestly, it felt good. Of course men were your preferred choice but even having that asshole Hyunsu watch you while his girls licked at you made you hot and unable to control yourself. The amusement and sexual frustration in Ju Kyung's voice only turned you on more. You went to your lunch schedule as planned. You had a meeting with a client that couldn't be rescheduled considering both of you had rescheduled on each other twice already. This was the last time you could meet him before he left for America. "Oh Mr.Lee I think you'll find my company is very capable of bringing up your profits as well as our own." You said half way through the lunch. "Ah but how much of the profits remain mine?" Mr.Lee said smiling. You nodded, he was a smart man you could give him that. You smiled and said, "I'm sure we can work out a reasonable percentage. After all, this is a business deal you can't expect us to not look for a profit ourselves." "You're a smart woman Ms. Y/n I am glad to have met you. So name a percentage and I will see what I can do." Mr.Lee said. "It's negotiable?" "Entirely." Mr.Lee said. You laughed at his tone knowing he wasn't going to let you name a percentage without him approving it yet. You played with the rim on your cup, a flirting habit you did unconsciously. All the guys said you did it when you were flirty and you never realized it but perhaps that's what helped you in business deals. You were pretty and flirty but you were business like, classy and respectable. Maybe that's why the whole pet thing set you off. It wasn't you but when you were drunk you weren't you either or maybe your truest self came out when you were drunk. The idea of having to control yourself when you were around Ju Kyung as well made you uneasy. It was hard for you to control your smart-ass, especially when he brought out that side of you. You leaned forward a little and said, "Forty percent." This was too high and you knew it but if you could get him to negotiate the percentage you could get your company the best profit possible without cheating Mr.Lee. Mr.Lee smiled and shook his head, "Too high. Go lower." "How low?" You said in an accidental suggestive tone. Mr.Lee found amusement in it. "How about fifteen percent?" "Oh Mr.Lee we'd barely break even with fifteen, how about thirty five?" You said. "Y/n?" Your name was called and all of a sudden your focus was brought away from Mr. Lee to the man standing next to you. "Ju Kyung. What are you doing here?" You said. "I should ask you the same thing. We had lunch plans remember?" Ju Kyung said. "Yes but I called your office to cancel. I left a message with your secretary she said you were out at the moment." "I left a message with your secretary to tell you this was a meeting that couldn't be missed." Ju Kyung smiled. "Well perhaps you should've better coordinated your plans so that we weren't playing this childish game of he said she said." You smiled back but the sarcastic tone was obvious. "Y/n." He sang. "What?" You said innocently. "You're cute." You rolled your eyes, "You're such a child Ju Ju," you turned to Mr.Lee. "Pardon my rudeness Mr.Lee, this is my good friend Sun Ju Kyung. Ju Kyung this is Mr.Lee a client of mine whom I had a previous lunch date to discuss business with." Ju Kyung bowed slightly and then offered his hand to Mr.Lee when he extended his. "My my, you know Sun Ju Kyung? I'm aware of this young man's achievements. You two are friends?" Mr. Lee asked. You nodded, "Yes we're good friends." "We've recently gotten very close." Ju Kyung said smiling. You almost glared at him but you had to remain professional as well. "Well please join us if you can we were just finishing up business." Mr. Lee said. You didn't want him here, you hated when the boys were around when you worked and Ju Kyung knew damn well you did. He smiled and instead obliged your client and thanked him for the invitation. A waiter came over after Mr.Lee had waved him over and Ju Kyung ordered his meal without even needing to see a menu. "You must come here often." Mr.Lee said. Ju Kyung politely shook his head, "No sir I've been here at least three times and I've only looked at the menu once." "Once?" Mr.Lee said in disbelief. "Ju Kyung has a photographic memory. He only needs to look at something once and he can remember it." You explained. "Very impressive, that must be why you're so good at what you do." Mr.Lee said. "You flatter me Mr.Lee. Thank you." Ju Kyung said. You couldn't help but look at Ju Kyung. Something about him now awakened your senses. He looked handsome in his suit. He always did you supposed but now you were really addressing it. You focused your attention back on Mr.Lee. "Y/n perhaps we can settle on twenty percent?" "Mm. How about thirty?" "Twenty-five." He said. Your eye brows raised, just the perfect number you were looking for. "Twenty-five percent. Now that is business deal." You said. Mr.Lee laughed, "I'll have the paper work drawn up immediately." He said. "Thank you Mr.Lee. I look forward to working with you." You said. "The same for me Ms.Y/n. Mr.Sun," "Please call me Ju Kyung." Ju Kyung said politely. Mr.Lee smiled, "Ju Kyung, it was a honor meeting with you, perhaps we can meet on other circumstances. Mrs. Y/n what do I owe you for the meal?" He said turning to you. "Mr.Lee you don't owe me anything I've got this." You said. "Actually let me pay for it." Ju Kyung said. "Oh no Ju Kyung that's okay." You said. He was gonna hold this over your head if you let him pay for your business lunch. "Please allow me to pay what I owe." Mr.Lee said. You tried to speak up but Ju Kyung quickly rose and said, "Mr.Lee it was a honor to meet you as well. Allow me the courtesy of paying for the meal. After all, I had intruded on the lunch, it's the least I can do." "Ju Kyung you are an impressive man. One day I hope to repay the favor." He said. "Perhaps with Y/n as a mutual connection we will meet again." He said. Mr.Lee smiled and gave him a nod, he looked to you and said, "Thank you Y/n for having lunch with me as well. I will send the contract to your office immediately once it's been drawn up." "Thank you." You said. Mr.Lee headed to leave and Ju Kyung sat down in Mr.Lee's seat. "Why didn't you call me to tell me you were cancelling?" He said very seriously. "I did." "No you called the office not me." He said. "You didn't even ask me, you just made the appointment. I thought you said you would call on me at a reasonable time? Lunch dates like this are important for me and my company this was made two days ago, if I had missed him again we would've lost the account. Jesus Ju Kyung I haven't even signed on the dotted line yet and you're already demanding everything from me. As I recall I didn't agree to give you everything." You said. "Are you having reservations?" "No. It's just- those girls with your friend, who I hate by the way," "I know. You didn't exactly hide it and he wasn't oblivious to it either." "Yes well I don't have to like him." "No just me." He said and gave you a smile. He caught you off guard with that. You unconsciously settled. You sighed and said, "He had them crawling on the floor." "They agreed to it." "To act like dogs?" "To act like pups. Y/n no one in that club is doing anything they don't want to do. If they don't want it they say the safeword and they're free. No owner can do anything to their pet without consent." "Yet you can send the punisher after me if I misbehave. I didn't agree to another person being able to hurt me I agreed to you which I'm starting to reconsider." You said. "Keep your voice down Y/n." He said seriously. You rolled your eyes. "Don't do that again." He said. You looked back up at him. "We have things to discuss." He said. "Punishments and rewards, it was on your note." You said. He nodded, "You've seen the club as you asked, you understand what is expected of you." "Obedience." You mumbled. "You know everything there is to know. So now I have to set out punishments for you. For disciplining purposes during training you'll be spanked six times with a wooden paddle any objections?" He said. You shook your head. "For punishment purposes I'll tie your arms behind your back and your feet together you'll be required to sit up straight for fifteen minutes. If you fall back or make a noise I will make you stand for thirty minutes with breast ties. A second offense will lead to clothespins on your nipples and on your folds. The sensation of them being ripped off all at one can be very unpleasant. A third offense will be to have you go to the club and lay naked in the playroom. You will pleasure yourself in front of multiple men and after your third strike it's the cage for ten minutes." "No longer than twenty five minutes." You said. "Fine, with each sound you make a minute and a half will be added on." "Fine. Are these all the same punishments as past pets?" "No, each punishment fits each pet. Some like pain so I had to make punishments that didn't involve too much pain. Others don't mind exposing themselves or even pleasuring themselves in front of watchful eyes but you have a bit of a problem with it, making it a fitting punishment for you." You nodded understanding how things worked a bit more. "Now for rewards, I want to give you something that will be incentive for good behaviour such as the chocolate that Hyunsu gives his pups." He said. "There's nothing I really want." You said. He leaned forward a little, when his fingers laced you felt his business manner come out and you didn't like it. His business manner threw you off too much, he was too serious and you needed him to be an idiot. Still if he could coat switch so easily then you should be able too as well. "Think harder." He said. "Look Ju Kyung I have to get back to work soon so just do whatever you want." You said. "Doing whatever I want would make you cry. It may even make you hate me." He said. That was too dangerous. His eyes and the way he said it was way too dangerous. The more he changed the more you tried to figure out who the fuck Ju Kyung really was. "Come on Y/n. At the club you seemed to enjoy something. I watched your little ass shake for me while you watched the cat show. You were so into it you didn't even hear us calling you. So there has to be some kind of reward you want for being good. Perhaps even getting the pups again, they can go further than last time." He said. His voice was teasing and he smiled playfully. Ju Kyung. You hated how he just switched from one personality to the other so easily it had you running back and forth between being yourself and wanting to get away from him because he was too serious. It was off putting. Still he smiled and you relaxed, "Fine, I wouldn't mind having them again. Would you really let that Hyunsu guy touch me?" You asked. He nodded. "Hyunsu's personality is hard to take but he grows on you. In all honesty, he likes you more than you think. When someone is hard to tame, he takes pleasure in breaking them in so he likes your attitude. He wouldn't hurt you excessively. When he does punish, he makes sure he's safe. Safety is always important Y/n. Understand something, I'd never leave him alone with you. I like the guy but I don't trust him that much." He said. "Just enough to touch me." "Y/n based off your past history with men, Hyunsu isn't nearly as bad." "You have no idea." You mumbled. "What?" He asked. You shook your head. You didn't need to think about him. You didn't want too. "How about this, if you're very good I'll bring you the pups to play with. During training if you behave I'll give you marshmallows they're your favorite, the strawberry ones. I'll pet your head, you seemed to like that too. I'll even give you kisses." "What about the pet shows? You said I wouldn't have to do any of that stuff." You said. "You more than likely won't. Bunny's aren't as popular a pet as pups and kittens are. Even horses out beat the rabbits popularity. Bunnies are wild by heart and they're stubborn which is why I gave you that animal, it describes you perfectly: hard to tame. Bunnies have more- - innocent shows. They normally dance or hop around. Their allure comes from their cuteness not their sexiness like kittens or their playfulness like pups. When pups bark and beg, it's cute and playful but they're the type of pets that have energy and love to play. Kittens can be a little more independent and are known to have more moments of disobedience simply refusing to do certain tricks for playfulness. Kittens often enjoy having all eyes on them like that. Bunnies are just as Hyunsu and Mr.Kim said, they're harder to tame because of their wild hearts. They're high maintenance sometimes and other times they're not. Normally just being petted is enough and being close to their master is comforting and enough to please them. Bunnies are stubborn though, they have a need to explore and so commands make no sense to them, they normally ignore them which makes training longer. Your pet shows won't be as revealing or as seductive they'll be soft and innocent and probably hint at your wild side." Ju Kyung explained. You nodded. So either way you were doing a pet show but you wouldn't need to have sex in front of anyone else. That was where your reservation was. He even placed that as a punishment knowing that you hated it already. When you were drunk, you had a freak side that would take over but you were sure even drunk you wouldn't have sex in front of so many eyes. You could watch but being watched by so many people was different. "So then we're done right?" You said. He nodded. "Come to my place after work in the suit. You sent me over your doctors report obviously you're healthy I wouldn't doubt you, it's just a formality thing. Wear the white suit and be as sweet as possible tonight. I prefer you to be an angel in the white suit." He said. "Are we staying at your place?" You asked. "No, after you sign the papers we'll go to the club to begin your training. There's an event coming up that I'll explain to you later but it has to do with the deal I made with Hyunsu so it's important you learn quickly." He said. You nodded and got up. "I need to get back to work. I'll be late already." You said. He stood with you placing money on the table for lunch. "Let me walk you out." He said. That's right, he didn't mind being seen with you because you two were friends. It wasn't odd that you two might meet up for an outing. He placed his hand on the small of your back and walked out with you. He walked you all the way to your car and opened the door for you. He smiled at you to keep your nerves down. You thanked him and he leaned into the car from the window and pecked your lips. "I enjoyed you last night. Don't forget Play mode is for your pleasure too so if there's anything you want tonight, I'll give it to you if you ask properly." He said. You nodded. "See you Ju Kyung." You said. He smiled slightly bigger and said goodbye to you. You drove off freeing yourself from the situation. To the club again, he only showed you a small section compared to how big the damn place was. You found some reassurance in the fact that no other pet owner could touch you without the express permission of Ju Kyung. Hyunsu was the only one that could really discipline you outside of Ju Kyung and you supposed since you were submitting to punishment you had to submit to allowing him to punish you as well. He said everything had to be done with your consent and once you signed your name everything would be in place. The contract was only for four months and he said you could call it off at anytime. This was a specific trial feature he didn't allow any other pets. They called you a newborn pet back at the club so perhaps because his past pets had more experience they knew what they were getting themselves into and knew they could stick it out for a year however, this was the first time you'd ever been exposed to this type of situation so he was willing to give you an out if you needed or wanted it. That was comforting but only slightly. Backing out of this made you wonder, would you two be able to be friends like normal? Obviously, he could switch back and forth with no problem but you weren't so sure you could forget. You had trouble with forgetting certain things, fucked up relationships is one example.... The day rolled by with some normalcy until you got home. You stared at the white rabbit suit. For some reason, Alice in wonderland came to mind. What kind of rabbit hole were you going down anyway? This world was Alice in bondage land. You were all for being tied up a little maybe even a blindfold but this was the whole shebang. You could only wonder how long you'd hold out. You got dressed in the suit anyway, ears and all. You remembered he wanted you to wear makeup when going to the club but you didn't wear much. You had pink lipstick and eye liner on. A soft blush and a little concealer but nothing too over the top. His driver came to pick you up and you wore a long coat to cover your body. You showed up at Ju Kyung's place and he was in the kitchen drinking out of a water bottle. On the counter sat your contract, he looked back at you and smiled. You sighed, his smile was comforting because it was the real him. The real him that you knew. He walked over to you and pulled your jacket down to reveal the bunny suit. He lightly lifted your chin to place a small kiss on your lips. "Show yourself to me Y/n. Don't hide, you look good as a bunny." He said. You rolled your eyes and he smacked your ass. Suddenly, his manner became that of his business manner. He looked dangerous and scary. He backed you up against the wall and quickly turned you over. He pulled your butt against his body and rubbed up against you, "What did I tell you at lunch? Do not roll your eyes at me." He said. His tone made your heart beat faster. "Okay." You said. "Okay what?" "Okay Ju Kyung." You said. He slapped your ass again, this time harder. It was kind of hot but it hurt more than it was sexy. "What do you want me to say?" You said turning back to him. He pushed up against you restricting your movement and he came to your ears, "I want you to call me your master." "You didn't say the magic words." You said sarcastically. He slapped your ass harder again. "You really will be hard to train but at least you understand when things begin and end." he said. He came up off of you and softly rubbed your ass with his hand to soothe the pain. You turned to him with a grumpy face and he smiled, once again putting his finger under your chin. "Fix your face Y/n. I told you I wanted you to be as sweet as possible, don't you remember?" He said. "I do but I also remember you stating that as a bunny I tend to be stubborn and wild at heart." You said smartly. He gripped your jaw tightly and kissed you hard. His lips attacked yours and his tongue dominated in your mouth. When he pulled away from your swollen lips, he had a threat on his tongue, "It doesn't mean you take advantage. You're here to learn bunny and to behave and if you can't you are disciplined and trust me the paddle will hurt more than my hand." You swallowed slightly at the hunter look in his eyes. "The contract has been finalized. All the changes you asked for and the punishments as well as rewards have been added as discussed. I've already signed now I just need your signature." He said. You nodded and walked over to the contract sitting on the counter. You double checked to make sure suspension was out of the contract and it was no where to be found just as you liked. You thought about if you should really sign but you reminded yourself you still had an out if you needed it. He'd let you go if you told him you were done and if you said the safeword then you'd be fine. Ju Kyung may have a dangerous second persona but even that side of him wouldn't hurt, you not excessively. He took care of his pets and he said he liked giving them pleasure. Being a pet meant submitting to him and adoring him unconditionally, he would want all of your attention and you had to be prepared for that. Your hand hesitated at first to sign but you wanted to really learn who Ju Kyung was. He asked you instead of Hyun Jung to be his pet. He trusted you, he gave you the opportunity to leave and he was doing his best to make you comfortable. You weren't jumping at the opportunity to turn into a pet slave but it would let you get to know him better. Quite obviously there was a side to him you knew nothing about and that wild nature was about to let you explore. You signed the papers after about a good five minutes thinking about whether or not it was a good decision and you gave in. You looked to Ju Kyung and he smiled. "Hello Velvet." You looked up at him and your eyes slightly widened for a second. "Hello Master." You said. It was so foreign coming off your lips. Master was hardly a way you thought of identifying your fuck buddy but that's the way he wanted it. That was the way it would be for now... He held out his hand to you and took you out to the car. He did as he did before, opening and closing the door for you. Even as he drove up to the club and the valet got the car, he opened and closed your door. He lead you down the opposite side of the building and it felt like a whole new world you were entering. An entire new realm opened up to you when the doors did. Cages, whips, and chains were every where. The room was dark with violet light against the red walls. Men and women in dom outfits, latex clad and hella mean looking greeted you as Ju Kyung walked you through the crowd of bodies and pain equipment in the room to get to a specific private room. They had floor shit and private rooms? Although, if you were going to choose to be trained perhaps a private room was the best bet. He closed the door behind you two and you stared at everything around you. More whips, paddles, gags, blindfolds of all different colors, leashes and shock devices. There was a machine with a long rod and a toy right at the end of it. You tensed up and stopped moving when you saw it. Shit okay you did some weird stuff, even anal once or twice but that? Your heart was racing. It was too early to back out now. Ju Kyung placed his hand on your shoulders from behind you and he kissed your cheek then down to your neck. He said in your ear, "Don't worry Velvet I won't use it on you. As long as you're very very good." He chuckled. You turned to look at him, the face you had on made him laugh. There was uncertainty in your face. He once again smiled at you, a more genuine smile than one that was made up to calm you. It did calm you though, more than the others. The way his eyes washed over you in your bunny suit all exposed to him; he drank you up and despite you being relaxed your heart found a beat to skip and then speed up. Your face was probably flush from how embarrassed you were to be watched by him this way. His hands ran down your arms slowly and made it to your palms. He walked you back to a certain point while asking, "What's your safeword Velvet?" He kept saying the pet name as if that name reinforced the role you were in. Perhaps it did, perhaps it was what created the next personality; he did say it was dangerous if you didn't come out of it like you were supposed to. So there was the capability of keeping your sanity and ability to reason. He wasn't asking you to quit your job or give him everything you owned, he was asking you to be Velvet for a certain amount of time in the night. He was asking you to be his and only his, obedient just long enough in your bunny state before you became Y/n again. If you could rationalize that in your mind, if you could get your stubborn ass to comply to that this experience wouldn't be as bad but you are stubborn. You were even stubborn with yourself. Change was fine and you adjusted well but being taken over was different. Yes you were submissive in bed but you weren't anyone's bitch. Your mind kept going places, from angry at being in this position to trying to get yourself to behave for him. "Velvet. What is your safeword?" He said. Didn't he already know or was he trying to make sure you remembered? "Cotton." You answered. He nodded, "You remember that, any time it becomes too much. Any discomfort that you can't stand, anything that goes too far or has you too scared say it okay. Don't forget." He said. He cupped your face so that you looked up at him. "Do you understand?" "Yes master." You said. Oddly enough your body and subconscious was following along with this stupid game. You were in your mind arguing with yourself but on the outside you were obeying well enough. You just had to listen, there was nothing wrong with that. You took orders from your boss all the time. Ju Kyung turned and walked back to grab a small whip, the kind that are used on horses by jockeys. He turned back to you. "I'll teach you how to sit first." He said. "Haven't you already?" You asked. "Silence Velvet. I need you to concentrate. Remember the only time you are to speak is for the bathroom or your safeword during a silence command. You will nod if you understand or shake your head for a response. Understood?" Oh yeah like that was so difficult to understand. You re-framed from rolling your eyes and sealed your lips shut. You nodded feeling the ears on the headband flop a little as you did. "I'll use the whip to tell you which body part to move for each trick. I won't hit you just light taps. If you misbehave you'll get the paddle, that's six times. The number rises by one until you've had ten then you'll be in your second strike." He explained. You nodded. "There's a pet dinner coming up. Masters bring their pets together for a little play time while we have dinner and consult some things about the club. It's the dinner me and Hyunsu made a deal about. If you don't wish for him to punish you I suggest you pay attention well and learn the commands. The founders of the club will check how each pet behaves and you can't be anything other than sweet to them. It's important for you and me. Masters shouldn't be embarrassed by their pets do you understand?" Yeah you understood, there were even bigger psychopaths than him. Damn you wanted so bad to say that but the urge to speak only made you smile. Ju Kyung knew that smile, it was the same smile you used with your banter with him at lunch. He shook his head, "Just don't speak Velvet." He used the whip to tap your right leg then your left. "This means I want you on your knees." He said. You lowered down to your knees slowly. "You'll have to move faster than that Velvet. Stand up and try it again, be quick but be smooth." He instructed. You stood up and he tapped your legs again a bit faster. You lowered moving at the speed of his taps. "You shift too much when you lower to your knees. Don't rock back and forth just go down. Think of it as a straight line." He said. He lifted the little whip and you stood on your feet. He tapped your legs again and you went down as straight as possible. You kept your hands on your thighs to keep yourself from shifting and the movement became smooth. He smiled and reached into his pocket. You heard the crinkle of a bag and he pulled out a small pinkish marshmallows and brought it to your lips. "Very good Velvet." He said happily. You parted your lips and took the marshmallow into your mouth. He was right of course, you loved strawberry marshmallows. They put a smile on your face even when you had a shit day. He laughed at the small smile that grew on your lips. "You're really cute like that my sweet bunny." He said. He tapped your butt and you looked up not understanding. "Shift onto your butt on this side but keep your legs curled like that." He said. You shifted onto your butt and he tapped your right hand and instinctively your hand came down to prop yourself up. He nodded with a smile and brought out another marshmallow for you. He took you through the process again and again eventually getting you to the point that you slid into the sit position smoothly and on command with no help. You hardly noticed the slightly humiliating nature of being given treats or being commanded like a pet. Your complete focus had been on Ju Kyung. He was smiling at you, he enjoyed seeing you this way, so obedient to him, you wondered if your smart-ass mouth had made a part of him dislike you. Wouldn't that be why he enjoyed your silence and your obedience so much? "How about I give you a new treat this time? I'll teach you the bunny kiss and if you do well I'll reward you well." He said He leaned down to lift your chin, "How about that Velvet?" He said. You nodded silently. He smiled bigger and his eyebrows arched up like rainbows. You forced yourself to bite back the smile forming on your face. You loved his smile, damn him....He used the whip to tap your thighs, "Rise up." He said. You pushed up until you were no longer resting on your butt. He tapped your right hand and then his right shoulder. He did the same to your left until you had both hands on his shoulders. "Now for the kiss, remember this is only a cute bunny kiss, I may have you do this to others as a greeting. You are never to kiss another master or even another man without my permission." He said. You nodded, he did give the girls permission to kiss you so you couldn't really argue with him on that. He used his finger to touch the tip of your nose lightly. He pressed his same finger to the tip of his nose so that you'd bring your nose to his. "Now in a quick short motion move your head from side to side so that the tips of our noses run against each other." You did as he instructed and he smiled. He grabbed your waist and backed away a little. "Sit my sweet bunny." He said. You sat as he wanted you to. He lifted your chin and bent over covering your lips with his in a sweet soft kiss. He made it last and made you want more. When he parted lips with yours, you looked at him as if you were just seeing him. As though you'd never seen him before, the kiss left you bewildered. "What's with that face Velvet? Didn't you like it?" He teased. Your eyes shifted down embarrassed. What was going on with you right now? You felt... something... Hold on, this was supposed to be a sexual relationship wasn't it? Why were you going through all of this? Ju Kyung lifted your chin with two fingers. "My sweet bunny speak to me. What's got you troubled?" He said bending lower to get to you. "You said this was a sexual relationship, so why go through all of this?" You asked. He hummed and nodded, "Do you remember last night when I kept forcing your hands off of me Velvet?" He said. "Yes." "Back then you hadn't signed the contract so I couldn't necessarily punish you for breaking a rule. All these things, the training, the pet shows, the dinners, all of these things makes the sex so much better for us. If you learn to obey, if you learn to give in to me I can make you weak for me in so many ways. A single kiss can bring you to your knees and a simple command came make you wet beyond belief. Stay with me long enough and you'll understand what I mean, okay?" He said. You nodded. Ju Kyung checked his watch, "It's already been an hour? Time flies, stand up Velvet." He said. You came up to your feet and he grabbed your hand and kissed your cheek. "My sweet Bunny. I'm going to take you upstairs. Now, you must promise to be on your best behavior. I'm going to show you a world far more extravagant than this one but you must not disobey. The owners upstairs are much worse than Hyunsu. It's probably too early to take you but I want you to see it before we go back home. Then I can show you how to please me." He said getting close to your lips. He softly pecked your lips and then pulled you out of the room. What was upstairs that was extravagant? How in the hell were you going to handle Masters worse than Hyunsu? All these things worried you but the smile Ju Kyung gave before he opened the door put you at peace for what was to come. He pushed the doors and your eyes opened wide.....
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