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So I work at an audio start up called RecordFarm. It's based in Seoul, South Korea with our users hailing mainly from Korea. Being mostly Korean, yes, we are now actually on the hunt for Western music.


My first instinct was to lift up the rug and see if there were any artists from my own home town of Boise. Coming from the rural state of Idaho, we don't get much of a spot light when it comes to the creative arts.

Storie Grubb

So this is when I met Storie. Not only did he respond to my inquiring email, but we ended up striking up a conversation. ~ Nice man ^^

The musician

I personally prefer his more melancholy tunes, but Curtain Falls is still a favorite of mine.

The painter

He also enjoys picking up the brush. My kind of weirdㅋㅋ

Got something to share?

We are always looking for indie musicians to share what they've created. If you're curious about getting in touch with Korean musicians, we encourage artist collaboration too!
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this sounds really interesting!! cool that you're supporting people from your hometown^^
Certainly some hidden gems out there :)