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I was woken up by the mailman knocking at the door this morning, and look what he had to deliver!!!! I cannot say how much I fanboyed over this XD to an embarrassing level, it is so awesome!!!!!
Isn't it beautiful? I was fortunate mine arrived a few weeks ago, but I know that waiting struggle. It was worth the wait though. They did a great job with the whole package. Did yours come with a poster too, if so, which one? I got the Dynamite era poster.
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I know that feeling. I'm running out of room myself. I'm currently waiting on a bunch of BEAST stuff to arrive, including two albums. When my budget allows it, I think I'll be purchasing ASTRO and PENTAGON albums and probably one of Sungkyu's solo albums. You have quite a few great things to look forward to with that shopping list of yours. As for the bookmark, it is very neat. I agree that I don't know that it will ever be used as such, but it will look great on a wall.
Wow! I was also awakened by a knock on the door, but from a delivery service. My ASTRO fan Ahora fan club arrived. Astro previewed it the other day on the V app, so I knew mine would come soon. I am an official Ahora.
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Vixx just had their open enrollment (not sure what to call it). I usually don't find out until after they are over though.
I thought it said "It Finally Survived" 😂😂
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@MattK95 It would be a very interesting title xD
its so.....BEAUTIFUL Was there a photocard inside?!?!
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Mine didn't have a photocard either. But, you can house all three Conception albums inside.
That album cover looks beautiful ❤️ o should get myself a copy now ^^
I already had all the songs, but the hardcopy if you can get one, is definitely worth it regardless of that ^^