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Hello Hello Inspirits!! This week's theme that we share is Selca week! I hope you enjoy this because I definitely did!!
Omg!! This boy still looks good and good while taking them! He is destroying my list x.x Here is more I found!
There might of been a couple of selcas that the members or staff took of him, but still! Namu looks amazing with his members of course! :D Until next time!! *hides in a corner and hides face*
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He's so cute Sky!
I agree!! :3 He's really good at taking selcas.
oh him an Sungyeol too cute
Yes and L too! ^^
I knew there was a reason He's my Infinite Bias 😍
He's an amazing bias!
Whaa! Selfie goals man. Obviously he's got more than just singing, dancing, and looking good going for him. He could be a photographer as well!
I wish he was and he'd work with Myungsoo on different shoots with the guys