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I've never considered myself a furry. In fact, I struggle with drawing mammals. If that's the case, why do I have this picture here? Well, I saw this one post about someone having dissatisfaction drawing but never working out of their comfort zone, and I knew this was perfectly describing how I felt recently. The last time I drew out of my comfort zone was 3 years ago, and I knew I needed to change that.
The common furry art style always stuck out to me. There was always something about the emotions in the anthros that they drew, as well as how vividly colorful they always were. I wanted to do that as best as I could from memory; I wanted to make a fursona.
The imaginative process alone took a long time. Each personality quiz always gave me a different animal, but it wasn't until I saw someone say that my fursona could be a hybrid that the gears started turning . Thus, I have my Devil-esque Deer Cat. I just wish I knew how to draw his profile.
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Really cute ^^
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You're welcome ^^