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Morning everyone!

Here is the next entry for you all~

Enjoyy! XD

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Hello my sweet, sweet, Diary,

So, your owner has finally found something. Yesterday was a bust but today...I found something juicy.
One of the other members of B.A.P knew what was happening between my friend and IU and he approached me after we rehearsed IU's song.
He told me about how she was acting strange before they broke up and that my crush couldn't really care less about their relationship. He said that it was like he totally lost interest in her after seeing her true personality.
I was not really all that surprised, Diary. I mean can you blame him? That she-demon has definitely got a few screws loose.
Anyways, I have some dirt now finally. I don't know anything but it is at least a start. I just can't let her know about it quite yet.
Man, when did my life turn into a freaking korean drama? Like seriously, this is like textbook stuff happening. For all I know, next my crush or friend is gonna confess to me. But like THAT will ever happen. XD
But, I did tell you I was going to give you a hint today about one of the guys and I have decided that it will be about my friend.
I will only tell you that his role in the group is being one of the dancers.
You probably have no idea who it is and that is okay... because here soon I will tell you his name and then you will know!
But for now, let's just focus on bringing IU down.
Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day so I will update you here later.
Thanks for always being here Diary.

Well there is your first hint! Do you know who it is?

And what else is she gonna find? Stay tuned ;)

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Wait, what!?!?! I already knew he was a dancer!!!!! 😣😣 But is it Jongup or Zelo.....????? I think it's Jongup~ But it would also be super adorable if it was Zelo!!
Oh shit, was I right about it being Jongup?
Lol maybe... maybe not....I guess you will have to see πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰