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What's up fam?!

So today for my random card, I thought that I would share some dance covers of some newer songs by the awesome Koreos!

They are so freaking AMAZING.

Just see for yourself~

[Koreos] Seventeen (세븐틴) - Boom Boom (붐붐) Dance Cover 댄스커버

They are so insync like man...can I please dance like that?!

[Koreos] 엔시티 NCT 127 - Limitless 무한적아 Dance Cover 댄스커버

This full cover was ON POINT.

Like GET IT.

[Koreos] K.A.R.D - Oh Na Na Dance Cover 카드 - 오나나 댄스커버

This has got to be my favorite as this song is my jam right now~

[Koreos] AOA (에이오에이) - Excuse Me Dance Cover

The guys literally makes my life. He is so awesome here!!

[Koreos] AOA (에이오에이) – Bing Bing (빙빙) Dance Cover

Can we just please appreciate the booty dances with the guys for a second... especially the guy playing Jimin...I freaking love that guy~

Which one did you think they did the best?!

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(Credit to owners of gifs and videos!)

I loved "excuse me" more but I lived them all!! 👌👌👍