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This is 100% not a drill!!! Pentagon are having a comeback for their song 'Pretty Pretty' off of the album 'Five Senses'!!!

Recently, the rookie group closed their promotions for 'Can You Feel it?', and honestly for me this news came out of nowhere! Some of you may have seen the MV teasers, which I will link below, but they also have already started promotions for the song, having performed it on Show Champion last night!
This dance is super hype! I am so in love with everything about it! Especially the intro, and the moment right before E'Dawn begins his rap.

To me, it looks like in the music video, it will pit the "cool" kids against the "geeky" kids, with YeoOne trying to win over the girl!

It also seems like there will be a dance battle involved, but we'll see! I'm super excited to see how it turns out!
Additionally, here is the lyrics to the song in case you'd like to learn them!

I'm really digging this comeback!

Let me know in the comments who your Pentagon bias is, and if you're digging this comeback so far!

If you're new to Pentagon, then I have an entire series dedicated to introducing people to them and some other idols! It can be found here!
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Note: None of the photos or videos are mine, so credit goes to the owners~ ^^
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Very exciting. With 2 comebacks since their debut in October, I think it's safe to say these kids still have their rookie spirit.
Haha! That's for sure~
This is exciting! I cant wait till it comes out.
Me neither! I think they're gonna blow us all away 😅
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@yehetmyohorat97 ok so our fave parts are the same. but am I the only one who saw the Fusion HA! from Dragon Ball Z toward the end?
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Haha! I totally understand that~