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Hello people of the Internet it's me. Sorry for being gone I am currently working on a little project for you guys and I hope you look foward to it as i am finishing it up.
Ok so you guys have probably heard these rumors floating around and there werent any details to go off of thus causing abunch of people to interpret it differently
So many people thin that 1 BTS member is dating 2 MAMAMOO members. To me that seems outrageous. Why would someone think that a member of BTS is that much of a lowlife.
The most logical answer is that 1) 1 MAMAMOO and 1 BYS member are dating eachother and the other MAMAMOO member is dating someone else Or 2) 2 MAMAMOO members are dating other people and same goes with BTS
Now since these are rumors there is a chance that they are entirely true They may not be dating at all or the numbers may be different
Even if a Bts member is dating someone, it is their life and they are human so it will eventually happen anyway. Bts doesn't have a dating ban like most other groups and, in my opinion, as long as they are happy, I'm happy as well
They meant that one member of BTS is dating. And also two members of Mamamoo are dating. Not that one of BTS is dating two of Mamamoo at the same time 😂. I had to read that part twice to understand 'cause I was also shocked 😂.
I'm not going to lie. It’d be really cute if Taehyung was dating that one cute fanboy that came up to him. ;u;"
but if this rumor is even real, what right does someone that's not them have to reveal the fact that there's even a chance of them dating someone atm? like, these "fans" are crazy man. they will do whatever they can to find out.
omg I wanna know which one is dating IDK why I immediately thought it was Yoongi but I hope he's dating!
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