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Welcome back to Waifu Wednesdays! This week we're highlighting our vampire waifus!

Tbh, I haven't really watched many vampire anime myself as of yet, so my waifu didn't have much competition, or any really, not that she couldn't take it if she did, and with an anti-tank rifle, no less! She is none other than the police-girl turned draculina for the Hellsing Organization:

Seras Victoria - Hellsing Ultimate

Seras definitely falls into the *looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you* category! She's totally adorable, but you definitely don't wanna be on the receiving end of her when she goes into a blood rage!
If you've ever watched the abridged series, then you know why she has to be top Waifu vampire...mostly because she's not a Nazi
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True, but that's 40's Alucard... and how could you not love the abridged series?
loved her she was a good combination of cute bump ass and vicious serial killer
anime name please 😀
Hellsing Ultimate