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This week's waifu Wednesday theme is Vampire. So pick your Vampire Waifu!

My Vampire Waifu:

Karin Maaka - Karin (Chibi Vampire)

About Karin:

A 16 year old high school student and vampire (obviously). Unlike most vampires Karin does not feed on blood, she produces it. As a result, she is forced to bite others to expel the extra blood, thus she suffers from massive nose-bleeds. She also doesn't show normal vampire traits. She can go outside during the day and follows the sleep pattern of normal humans.

Yeah, that's a lot of blood...


There you have it! My Vampire Waifu is Karin from Karin. In my opinion she's the nicest vampire that I've seen in anime. She doesn't want to hurt people and is so friendly towards humans and fell in love with one.

Sadly, Karin is an underrated anime. Therefore most of you may not have even heard of it. But it's definitely my favorite vampire anime. If you like romance, comedy and vampires. This is one you have to check out. It's really cute and the plot is good too! (I mean actual plot) Anyway if you haven't watched "Karin" before I definitely recommend it if it interests you at all.

The Anime Mod Crew!

Who is your Vampire Waifu? Join in and make a card if you want or let me know in the comments! ^.^~

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I watched this anime pretty great. (i was looking for the next episode of Dragon Drive in youtube when accidently came upon Karin and funny how it was episode 1 but I think this is fate cause then i looked up the rest of it and i love the anime.)
Glad you accidentally found and fell in love with it!
chibi vampire! :)
Oh I want to watch
Please do!
@littlemaryk its funny
yay, funny and a little bit of romance. I dig.
@littlemaryk @shadow3750 And cute! It's also got a good storyline.
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it probably is on Hulu since they have a wise variety of anime.