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Hey you guys it's your girl @stevieq coming at you with a little something that I have been hoping to do for 2017.
First of all let me apologize for going incognito in the middle of the week, I just got a little overloaded with preparing for an exam I am going to take next week and caught a cold that nearly killed me (not really but sickness isn't really my think). I also want to apologize for randomly posting my cards. I know the times might be a little inconvenient but hopefully it doesn't bother you too much. But I will try to post in the PM eastern time. If so you can just ask to be untagged.
So, down to business. For this year I pretty much want to continue what I started last year where I would post the latest songs of the day (probably not getting all of them) and introducing you guys to new artist and so forth. But I also wanted to expand it to not only Korean artist but also to Chinese and Japanese artist. Hence my revamp or upgrade or whatever you wanna call it. But I love listening to Chinese and Japanese songs and J-pop and J-rock was actually my start (via anime) to listening to Asian music all. So I am just hoping to give those guys a little bit more recognition.
2017 is going to be a big year for me and I want to stick to what's important to me. And I also want to share what I like with you guys.
Let me know in the comments below if you want to be tagged in those not.
Tagging all of my lovelies
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I love music from all around Asia, so I'm definitely looking forward to this :D