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Hello Candies! Hope this card finds you doing well this week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! I got to spend my birthday with my prince :) hehe.
I've been listening and watching my cross gene playlist today...Doesn't the Prince look handsome in this video? They all make this style look super good sometimes they can look too sexy for my control....And they are definitely NOONA killers....
Okay let's just say it's empty without Casper :(, but Cross Gene is killing this look and OMG Takuya, Yongseok, and Seyoung wearing my favorite shirts!!! Okay I'm watching this video and from 1:20 to 1:30 I'm drooling how can Seyoung be that sexy with my Takuya seriously I love this song...and then at 1:59 Seyoung again slays me. I've watched this video a hundred times at least and I don't know Seyoung is creeping my bias list to take over Takuya.....why why must he steal me away from my prince??
Second video is the same song but OMG they are serious NOONA killers in it, man what a difference a suit makes and yeah...Takuya reclaimed my heart on the second video..He's still my prince after all :)
I love it when the whole group is together! I love this song it's so cute and fun and addicting.
As much as I love Takuya singing in Korean I really really love when he sings in his native Japanese. The other members are good with Japanese but this group is really special because they also have Casper who is Chinese. I know some other groups have other nationalities but this is just one of my favorites I love CROSS GENE
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Oh ok. i can't get links to work. It's starting to work my nerves.