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Can you.....!
name the 1st and 10th character
name the 5th and 9th character
Name the 3rd character
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1st is Leo (Loki) 10th is Mavis
10 months ago·Reply
forgot the guy from the Pegasus guild
10 months ago·Reply
1st is Loke/Leo 10th is Mavis 5th is Gray 9th is Happy 3rd is Laxus
10 months ago·Reply
loke, ultear, natsu, erza, wendy and carla, bisca, cana, flare, zeref, and mavis mirajane, aquarius, rogue, gajeel and levy, gray, frosch, lucy, juvia, happy, lisanna freed, jellal, laxus, hibiki (Had to name them all couldn't resist)
10 months ago·Reply
Same here @shadow3750😀 loke ultear natsu erza wendy and carla bisca cana flare zeref mavis mirajane aquarius rogue gajeel and levy gray frosch lucy juvia happy lisanna freed jellal laxus hibiki
10 months ago
Loki Natsu Ezra Wendy Carla Zeroed Aqua Gajeel Gray Frog(Frisch) Lucy Juvia Happy Hello
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