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안녕하세요 친구!!

Welcome my lovely Tinkerbells and soon to be Tinkerbells. It's your KNK mod here 이솔다 . Time to know our beautiful Willow tree aka man child aka Seungjun. Check out the other members below: ▪Youjin ▪Seungjun (current card) ▪InseongJihunHeejun
Real name: Park Seung Ju (박승준) Stage name: Seungjun DOB: 28 October 1993 Position: Main Rapper, vocalist, Visual/Face of KNK Height: 189cm Blood type: B Status: single (lol)
Interesting Training Facts: *Trained with JYP's GOT7 *Trained with Big Hit Entertainment's 방탄소년단 (omo can you picture it?!?!) *Appeared in Bestie's Zzang Christmas and I Need You *Was also a backup dancer for Bestie
Favourite and Fun Facts: -Nickname: Kyungbok, Man-child -Sibling: one younger brother FAVOURITES -Food: meat -Drink: everything except carbonated drinks -Movie: The Intern -Music: dance, rock -Hobbies: watching movies, TV drama, cooking, listening to music -Sport: bowling -Has a habit of biting his lips and touching his Adam's apple -Before he auditioned he wanted to be a Korean teacher (yas teach me Korea)


Ideal woman:

"Someone who can take care of me"

Great friends with:

Jin from BTS

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