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due to language, and sensual content and violence
Reader & Loco
When Sober, he as sweet as a puppy, but when Drunk He's a true thug... You as one of the best cat burglars get caught when he's a Drunken Thug. Oh the things he does to you, the threats he makes come true. Makes you work for him, but only when he drunk. He ignores you when sober, in fear you will use his sober state as an escape.
Chapter 1 | ....

~(Y/N Pov)~

"Join my crew here... get me back the money people own me, and I'll cut you in a good 40%. Since it seems you're so good at robbing people, as well know how to get out of sticky situations. If you decline... I'll have my men get rid of you permanently."
I made full eye contact with him as I noticed his now free hand was starting to slide under my shirt. He didn't really seem pissed off that much as he seem hungry. "What you going to do to if I say yes." I manage to speak as I felt my bra come undone. "Ravage you and make you see stars." He revealed his sweetest smile he shows his fans when he performs.
"So fuck you and work for you, or die for robbing you... What's in it for me." Loco's smile faded as he pulled me up into his arms, but kept a hand along the frame of my neck. "The reward is being fucked." He firmly gripped my jaw, before forcing me to crush my lips against his own.
He lasted like alcohol but for some reason sweet. His tongue darted for my own, as he gain access from my lips. I went to grab his arms, but he seem to notice it coming, because he quickly let go of my throat, to pin my arms behind my back. He was strong than I though he would be in person.
"Oh trust me on this... Whether you say yes or no, you will take that others woman's place, and I will eat you alive."
I gulped, as he held arms with one hand, and lift my shirt up with the other. I could feel my sanity being tested the moment his lips latched onto my breast. I simply bit my lip to choke back a moan. I struggled to get free, but he just gripped harder. I wince in pain, as I could free the pressure from his grin along my bones.
"If you stop struggling so much, I can at least promise this would feel good."
I looked him in the eyes again, as he smirked devilishly at me. I could see an evil behind his darken and intoxicated eyes. "I'm just a kleptomaniac, not much I can do for you. Other than steal from others." He brought my head down and kiss my lips so tenderly. I was caught off guard, he growled softly when he pulled away. "You can do a lot, after all you are a beauty." He pushed me down so I was laying down on the couch. I saw his hand go for the wine, and pop it open.
Loco was drinking the wine he had gotten for his prey, making me wonder why he was drinking it. He was a light weight, or was that what he wanted his fans, family, and friends to think. I doubt any of them truly know he owns this place. Let alone that he got a shit load of dirty money.
I went to get up, but he place a hand on my head, and shoved me back down. I whine out in pain, whilst he chuckled. "God, you sound hot when you whine in pain." I glance at him from the corner of my eye, and saw he was grinning. "I might just keep you as a pet. That gets my shit back for me." Everything the public knew about him was so wrong. This wasn't the sweet puppy everyone has come to love as a musician.
This was a Gangsta.
And was he luring me in, with his charm. "So tell me..." He slap my behind as hard as he could. Making me scream out in pain, but he shove my head down a bit more, to contain how loud I was going to be.
"Are you going to work for me, or am I going to have to get rid of you?" I sigh heavily and relaxed, as I closed my eyes. My trigger for being a klepto was so I can gather enough money to pain for my little sister surgery and bring her back to a better home. If I was killed, she would become an orphan, and kicked out of the hospital. Which would cancel out the whole reasoning for coming here for medical treatment. Other than hiding out in another country for being a famous thief.
"Fine! I'll work for you." He let me go completely, as the woman I knock out came stubbing out of the bathroom. "Oh so that where she went... Damn you did a number on her." Loco chuckled, before getting up to escort her out of the room. I sat up, and noticed this man had me shaking. I just wasn't sure if it was from fear or shock. "Now going to tell me your name beautiful?"
He walked back over to me, and sat down beside me. Loco went to touch me, whilst smiling so warmly, but I moved away from him. His smile faded as he looked me over. I think he noticed I was trembling from out encounter.
"Yah, you are working for me now. You really don't have a say in the matter to reject me so. Now tell me your name." He picked up my knife from the floor and play with it, before taking hold of the bottle of wine, and drinking.
He looked over at me, as he cocked an eyebrow. "Well that one beautiful name... though not what the public knows you as... bet you got a nickname." I looked away, but his index finger and thumb grip my chin and made me look at him. "I already know you are not one for pain, Y/N. Do I have to use that against you to make you talk?" Loco spoke with such a calming tone, I was confused on how to react to him.
"Dream... cause of my appearance.... as you can see by the wig on the floor. I make my self look unreal if ever seen." Loco grazed my leg with my own knife, as the tip of the blade made a small tear on my leather jeans. blood appear along it, since it did break skin. I winced as a result and he stopped. He look down at my thigh and saw that he had cut me.
"Well let me show you what a real dream is like first, before we talk business." He threw the blade on the table, and it landed beside the bottle of wine. He pushed me onto my back, and grabbed hold of my leg that was cut. Loco's puppy dog charm was so deceiving, that my mind was under his spell. Causing my body to react the way he wanted me to react.
Loco brought his tongue down to my wound and licked the blood away. He grinned when he noticed the way breathing had shifted into a small panting. "I think you're going to enjoy working for me." His free hand ran up my shirt, and my hands instantly stopped his arm from moving any closer to my breast.
"What you don't want me?"
He licked his lips as he moved to tower over me more. "Don't make me have to pin you down again. Then I will be enjoying it more than you will. I don't want that... I want you to enjoy this as well." Loco had used his arms to move my hands to his lips. He gently kissed them before trailing up my arm, to my shoulder, and along my neck. I closed my eyes, to control my sanity.
"I'll give you my word... this will be the only time I make you give yourself to me... afterwards it will be strictly business." Loco whispered softly into my ear.
I open my eyes, and looked at him from the corner of my eyes. His hand caress my cheek, before having me turn my head towards him. I felt my entire being relax and calm down, when I saw the warmth in his eyes. He crush his lips against mine, as I let of his arm. He then started to fondle my breast, whilst rubbing my injury thigh.
Loco was so tender yet so rough about his movements. I lightly held his shoulders, from behind him, as she massage my chest. I caught him moaning into my mouth, but I honestly wasn't sure if he had mod or if I was the one that moan. He grabbed hold of my pants hem, and pulled them off me. He broke away from the kiss to make sure my panties went with my jeans.
I gasp from the shock of it all, as grabbed hold of my thigh to lick the blood away again. "Mmm, I bet all of you taste sweet." My hands instantly cover my womanhood as I felt myself blush. "Oh no no no... don't be shy now my little cat burglar. You have to make up for attempting to steal from me, as well as giving that woman a 'nightmare'."
Loco made a pun at my nickname, as he moved my hands away from my heat, and brought his tongue to my clit. I bit my lip so I should moan, but it slipped pas my them. Loco seem to be enjoying my reaction to his own. I heard and felt him groan between my legs, before sliding his fingers inside of me.
"You do want me.. . damn.. ..."
I was panting heavily, and threw my head back, as Loco toy with me with his fingers. "Tell me Y/N... You want me to fuck you." I glance down at him, as his lips latched onto my chest once again. I moan out loud this time, and was so very glad their was music being play outside the private room. "Fuck me please, Loco-oppa."
The moment I said what he wanted to hear, He pulled away from me, removed his fingers from inside of me. Loco had my body turn around, so I was head down ass up, and slap my ass as hard as he possibly could. I moan loudly into the couch cushion from the pain he created.
"Good girl, good Y/N.... I'll grant that request happily."
I turn my head to look back at him, when I felt him thrust himself inside of me. I moan from the painful pleasure, something I have never once enjoy at all. He grabbed hold of my hips and moved so roughly I felt like he was going to break me. All I could manage to do was moan. Loco had taken my ability to talk away with each thrust.
He was slapping my behind, as I gripped the cushion for dear life. "Oh Y/N, you feel so right." Loco saying my name was driving me insane, as I drew closer to my climax. The moment I reach it, I heard him moan loudly as well. "Damn Y/N, you are so good. I won't mine doing you again."
I felt him kissing along my back, before I slowly lost consciousness...
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