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Kim TaeHyung
Status Update-
Just listening to music with Jimin at ISAC! He is touching my hood! HELP (>^.^)>
Status Update-
Me and the boys won an Award!! WE LOVE YOU ARMYS!!! <3
the number 10
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Beanies or other Accessories
My Computer
About Me-
I go by V so please call me V!!
I was born December 30, 1995 in Daegu, South Korea!!
My grandmother was the person I was closest with.
My Nicknames are TaeTae and BlankTae.
My favorite colors are black, green, and white!
I am apart of the kpop group BTS! I am apart of the Maknae line along with Jimin and Jungkook.
I love Eric Bannet!
I also enjoy unique things!!
Happiness for me means: Family, Health, and Honor.
Here are a few of my favorite picture! I really love my group members!!
This plush was soo cute!!!
Just some more random pictures!!
I hope you guys enjoy my imitation of what a V social media page would look like <3!! I tried my best!! Fighting!!
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sooo cute and simple just like him
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I kinna just went by vi notes.