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Today for my lovely vampires! I couldn't decide between Moka and Moka so i picked both Moka's lol
I always loved Mokas sweet side but when she transformed I loved her badass self especially the dubbed actors the badass moka is my fav!!

So who is your Vampire Waifu?

My Pokemon Team

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I kind a love the ending for the anime, both of their personality and hair color combined together. In the manga though is different
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I didn't read the manga since I am in school I don't have time to read it but I love when they transform the hair from pink to white
a year ago
i personally love the manga but i dont remember the hair color combinig in the anime. its been awhile though
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what anime is this? looking for new ones to start.
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Rosario & Vampire
a year ago
😍😍😍😍😍😍 Shes so pretty
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