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I just couldn't help myself. After attending a wedding on my way home I wrote out a oneshot. A huge twist to take place in this story. um yes @SugaKookieV. sorry/ Not sorry, I did this to you! smiles. happy face! **************
I was excited! I was emotional! I was wired! Okay so I might have been loosing my mind a little bit. There was several things that happened to lead up to this, but the big thing was when I was at my best friends wedding a year ago. I stared down at my hand that had the stupid looking metal band around my ring finger. The memory coming back with just a look. It wasn't even my own wedding and I somehow had ended up with a ring. And I had been single!


"Xnee come on you can't just sit at the table and be a wallflower all night" The girl next to me said. I had made friends with her, Britney something, and I had kind of stuck to her through the reception. "I don't know a lot of people, maybe a handful of people" I told her. "But didn't you say you were best friends with the bride?" Britney asked. "Well I am, but I don't know her friends that well. I mean she lives in a different state then me" I told her. "Hey! The band is coming out to sing to the bride and the groom!" Britney pointed. A group of seven guys came out and stood in the middle of the dance floor in front of the bride and groom. "I hear that Sarah and Her husband are getting married today!" Namjoon spoke in English. "You have a very big turn out and look at all the people celebrating with you" he said a mini introductions. "For those of you who don't know, my brides favorite group is bts, I had them fly in for a special gift to her" the groom announced making people laugh. "Kpop! Girl you need to chill" someone tell d out. Another round of laughter came out of people. "And I'm drinking more" I said. I flagged the waitress down to get another glass of wine. "Do you like kpop?" Britney asked me. "I do. I got Sarah into it in high school and in turn she got me into it years later" I explained. "Besides most of her friend enjoy it. Oh look they are starting to sing" I pointed excited. Instead of just sitting Sarah stood up along with her groom and they got onto the dance floor. "Save me" started to play. In the time of the song I finished my drink and was looking for the waitress again. Bts sang several more songs before they moved off the dance floor. Her husband was wealthy and had flown them out and hired a private concert for their wedding. Sarah had picked a keeper. I snuck outside to sneak a cigarette. I wasn't the only one. With not knowing any of them I went a little further away and lit my cig. I still had my glass of wine in my hand so I knew I kind of looked like a lush. "Man there's so many people. I didn't think anybody but the bride would be singing along" there was an excited voice talking fast and in a different language. "There had to be more fans then we thought" I looked over to see the guys standing in a circle. "We can mingle and see people here right?" Jimin sounded hopeful. "If you can speak English" Namjoon said. I had really wanted to chip in a word. With three glasses in me I had no real mind to stop myself too. "Half the girls at this wedding speak several languages. Korean being one of them" I stepped over and told them.  They turned to me. "Just letting you know" I shrugged. Stepping back I took a drag of my cig again. I finished and was about to go in. "Are you a fan?" I recognized Namjoons voice. I turned to face him. "Yes, I am actually. Sarah the bride got me into them, you A while ago" I said. "Heh." He started to talk to me asking questions. . . . One thing led to another that night and I woke up the next day with a blurry brain, a headache and in a hotel room that contained an extra person. A scream came out of me and I clutched the blanket to my naked chest. The guy sat up and I had seen it was Namjoon. "What the hell happened last night!" I exclaimed. "Uh. We slept together" Namjoon said. I looked at him then looked at myself. I was completely naked, and looked like I had several bruises, probably from Clumsiness. There was also an extra ring on my finger. It looked like the ring that came on the note cards with our names and table numbers. "I proposes to you last night and you said yes, let's confirm it and brought me back up here with you" Namjoon exclaimed. "Holy shit!" I exclaimed staring at him wide eyed.

Flashback end!

Remembering our first night together was kind of funny, only later that day had we found out we had the initiator marry us, granted there was no legal papers but just our signed names on a note with the date and reason for marriage. After spending several months dating we agreed, yea okay. This we could figure it out the two of us. I was waiting at the international airport. I hadn't seen him in 4 months since we still had our obligations. I felt more like an overseas wife the anything. I was okay with that. I liked my independence. I saw him approaching and started to wave. When he noticed me a grin spread across his face. "Namjoon!" I called out when I was closer to him. "Xnee  come here" he said setting his bag on the ground and opening his arms. He pullled me into a hug. "Happy Anniversary" I whispered into his ear. "Heh a year already." He said.
Damn why can't I get that lucky at weddings!! lol 😜
Aww that's so cute