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Hinata is not only my personal favorite female character, she's also the most changed and improved throughout the series. She goes from someone who used to always give up and become depressed on missions to someone who leads a battalion of troops in the 4th shinobi war to learning that the fate of everyone on earth rests on her shoulders and choosing to face Toneri alone, leaving even Naruto behind. She's becomes a quiet beauty combining kindness, strength, and determination. There's no one else like her. You can't talk about Hinata without bringing up Naruto. She's the first and best example of someone being changed and improved by adopting Naruto's ideals. She's the only one who supported Naruto from the start and the only one he opened up to about his deepest insecurities. She inspires him, makes him smile, picks him up when he's down, understands his struggles, empathizes with what it's like to be thought a loser and a failure, and she brings out the best in him. And he brings out the best in her and knows she's always been by his side. It was only a matter of time before he fell in love with her. And now they have a family together. Tagging @prophecychild1
I love her they look so good together I'm glad she changed for the better she had to step up her game I'm so proud of her