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Osu is one of my fave games concering anime xD For those who dont know its a music/rythem game based on (mainly japanees) beat maps. There are 4 main modes; +OSU! -Where you click the circles in time with the music +Catch the Beat -Where you catch the falling notes on a tray (again in time with the music xD) +Osu!Mania (my fav) -Where you use your keyboard as a piano ...alil like guitar hero i surpose AND +Taiko-Where you use the mouse with a bar along the top of the screen to click to the beat :)
On my OSU i mainly have all my favourite anime openings XD My 3 most played beatmaps/songs areee... 1st is a tie of 40 complete playes - Blood lad- Vivid -Noragami- Goya no Machiawase (op 2) AND I CANT FLIPPIN GET AN S RANK ON TH HARD MODE XD 2nd place gose to Akame ga Kill-Liar Mask which has 38 full plays xD and tied 3rd is Noragami- Kyouran Hey Kids and Fairy Tail-Main theme with 33 plays xD
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I remember this game xD