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4 songs that remind me of him and one or two may not be kpop lol.

Edwin McCain - I'll be.

I chose this song because I could see him seranding the one he loves and that he would probably do his own arrangement to it and personalize it.

Winner - Empty/Missing You

I can't help but think of him and he amazed by him everytime both these songs come on but the video of the performance is one that makes my heart flutter.

Linkin Park - What I've Done

This song I have a major feeling is 9n his playlist. I bet the words also strike a chord with him in different ways. Because I believe Seungyoon has a heart of a rocker for her sure and the meaning behind these lyrics are deep.

Winner - Color Ring

Everytime this song and his voice amaze me. As soon as color ring is mentioned i think of him instantly and then I need to listen with my headphones
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