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I gotta have to say WTF on a few like how pleidis is treating seventeen wrong, some anti making a cruel joke about a girl dying from suicide in the army fandom but on a different note, dang hwasa is pretty
Wait a minute.... the Pledis staff is hitting my babies and telling Seungkwan he shouldn't eat so much and scolding them? Oh I don't think so!!!! Someone is gonna catch these hands.
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Hell yeah! I'll help you guys! No one hurts my babies and gets away with it!!!
I was just thinking about how BTS are always spoiling us that I can't rest but then I cant go too long without something from them lol "Dope" meme= mindblown
wow there was a lot to digest here like seventeen being mistreated and Jaden Smith auditioning for YG (was that a troll or for real) then TOP being TOP and Heechul being accused of being gay (not sure if it's not true though) but all in all I'm glad that Jackson was there to be his same touchy self.....馃槒馃槒
I'm pretty sure that the Jaden Smith thing is troll.
That Seventeen one make me angry, how could Pledis treat them like that? What's the thing about the army that killed herself, did that really happen? For BTS's comeback I'm kinda excited but i want them to rest so I guess I love suffering. Jaden is such a troll and Jungkook graduating yay!! I thought that was JB touching Wonho tho
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