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Hello my dramatic Darlings! I'm here to talk about the Underrated star of the week, the lovely

Chae Soo Bin!

SooBin was born on July 10, 1994, making her 23 this year, and a Cancer. She is signed to TOIN Entertainment. Although she first debuted in a film called My Dictator in 2014, she is most well known as being in the television show Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. She played the character Jo Ha-Yeon, who is the royal consort to Lee Yeong. (quick note, did you know that her character in its real history became Queen, and then Grand Royal Dowager? All the wins to Queen SinJeong!) That sounds very much like her character in the show, which proposes the marriage between herself and the prince as a marriage of convenience. I loved watching her character grow throughout the time we saw her onscreen.
Someone made this fanvid of the relationship between Yeong and Hayeon!
Though you probably know SooBin from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, you also may know her as I did initially, from Cheer Up! She plays the distant, school-focused Kwon Soo-ah. I loved seeing her in MDbC after having seen her as Soo-ah, because the characters are both similar, and different. They are both ambitious, goal-oriented characters, although you see Soo-ah's dark side more than you do of Hayeon. She has also been in several other dramas, including Spy (2015), and House of Bluebird (2015), which won her Best New Actress at both the KBS drama awards, and the APAN Star Awards. She also played Yoo-Joo, in Sori, a movie about a man who is searching for his missing daughter (played by SooBin!). He uses a robot that records phone calls and messages in order to search for her. I hope to see more of SooBin in the future, she's doing well so far, and make sure to look for her as Song Ga-Ryung in the new drama Traitor: Gong Hil-Dong, coming this year!
@EmilyPeacock I think your mixing Park Shin-hye's friend in Doctor Crush up with someone else... I don't remember her in Doctors.
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OK I thought so.
I first saw her in Cheer Up and also saw her in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. She's young but has some talent and she's really pretty.
I can't believe I didn't recognize her from Cheer Up! because her character is so different. I haven't watched that 'history' themed drama, but I am watching Doctors Crush, and she's in it acting as Park Shin Hye's cheerful friend. This character and her character in Cheer Up! are so different I didn't recognize her 😂😂
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Oh ok. I seriously thought it was her 😂
She is talented and beautiful.