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They might be household names now, but they were just babies when they debuted!

1. Changmin

The TVXQ maknae burst onto the scene at the young age of 15!

Debuted at age: 15!

Here's the popular TVXQ debut :)

2. Suzy

Suzy was actually a model even before her debut, so she's been working since she was a preteen!

Debuted at age: 15!

Here's her debut at age 15!

3. Minzy

She actually was constantly frustrated with YG because he wouldn't let her dance 'too sexy' until she was of age!

Debuted at age: 15

Here's 2NE1's awesome debut!

4. Seungri

Seungri joined and debuted at the age of 15!

Debuted at age: 15!

Tiny Big Bang :3

5. Jungkook

The golden maknae was only 15 when BTS made their debut!

Debuted at age: 15!

The beginning of it all <3

6. Taemin

Aww, our little maknae who is so grown up now. He was actually just about to turn 15 when SHINee debuted :)

Debuted at age: 14!

Here's his debut song at 14 years old O_O

7. Jisung

Jisung is the youngest member of NCT so far, and debuted with NCT Dream at age 14!

Debuted at age: 14!

They all look SO YOUNG!

8. Akdong Musician

Suhyun was 13 and Chanhyuk was 16 when they finally debuted on YG!

Debuted at age: 13 and 16!

They're so CUTE!

9. BoA

Signed when she was eleven (she was cast by SM when she went to watch her brother audition for the company...he didn't get in, but she did!)

Debuted at age: 13!

Here's her debut MV at the age of 13, back in 2000.

Who else debuted young!?

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Dino from seventeen!!
Dino from SVT, Jinsol from April, IU, Zelo from BAP, some from IOI
big bang's gdragon started when he was I want to say 5 but I could be wrong but yeah his been in the spot light a long time
Samuel. he was former member of Seventeen and 1Punch. i believe he should be 13 or 14 now
Amber from fx