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TEARS AND A BUNCH OF TEARS, once again I became this bipolar person who can't get their feelings together...the LAST episode of Master's Sun and the last recap for this show (Quite depressing isn't it?) Well after all the raging episodes that the Hong sisters put us through I have to say that the last episode was quite satisfying...I like it (in my opinion), it was different and it wasn't CHEESY! They had the comedy in there with the whole seducing and it also had it's romance in there with that POWERFUL kiss. (Now that's what I call a kiss!) It was a quite closing to Master's Sun because it's good that she didn't recover to normality because the whole reason is that she can see ghost which made her different and that's how it's suppose to be! The aunt being pregnant was quite shocking, but it was adorable that she finally became a little warm-hearted. KW and little sun is cute also and I'm glad that they both found their happiness! Secretary Kim is always going to be my favorite cupid and I love how gave him advice! It's also sweet to see that her sister and the cheap mouth are together and happy as well! So basically everybody has a happy ending, but the thing is that they didn't rush it and they didn't make it gushy like other dramas, instead the Hong Sisters put in a twist where Tae was doing the push and pull phase which drove JW crazy and it was cute, a very cute ending and I have to say that this drama was good from beginning to end! Well sadly there aren't anymore episodes, but feel free to comment your thoughts on likes/dislikes! And if you guys have any dramas that you would like for me to make cards for go ahead and comment it below as well. I'm already doing the drama Secret so go ahead and check it out as well. Thank you for reading! :)