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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here. I'm stepping in for the lovely @tigerlily84 today (only for yutos part though.) as she's tired and her rest is pretty important so yeah! Lets get on with yuto Wednesday! By the way, I may call him a sunshine because that's what he is okay he's the sun that shines In the sky and just please love him. He deserves it.
Okay but like his smile...12/10 would recommend because it's gorGEOUS. Okay I could never get tired of his smile, but I'm getting pretty tired of whitewashed pictures. Like I want to see him and his beautiful tanned skin not him and pale skin! He's tan for a reason so why do people continually try to cover up his beautiful skin? He's flawless and so is his skin so why try to hide it or edit it? I think he's perfect, but that's just my opinion so..... #stop whitewashing idols2017. All I'm saying is yuto is perfection, let's not whitewash him okay? Also sorry for that huge rant but like when I was finding pictures I got really upset...
Okay can we just appreciate how beautiful this man truly is? He's honestly so gorgeous. He's too precious for this world. Guys I love him so much, please appreciate him a lot!
Also some interactions between the foreign line because I think they're just so cute! Also I ship them so hard! Okay but honestly even if you don't think it's cute, you still think it's cute.
Honestly I could go on for hours about how much I love him but then I think I'd bore you guys so here's some of his gorgeous voice.
Couldn't leave these out.
Okay I'll go now. Always remember: ~Stay Beautiful.
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He is so thoughtful!