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Hello everyone!!

So four days ago, each member of CNBLUE posted a video thanking BOICES since it's their 7th anniversary!!!!

Wah!?!!? It's already been seven years!!?!?!!?!?

So this week we'll each be posting a card with the links to each of the video messages. For my card I have the link to a thank you message from the entire group.

*No the video is not subbed >.> But I will be sure to edit this card as soon as it's subbed!! Until then, please enjoy their beautiful faces and voices C;*

I literally couldn't stop anywhere in the video without someone having a derp face or their eyes were closed....XD

Even if I can't understand them they're still so silly, and Yonghwa is a complete derp!! CX And his english!!!!!! Too cute~~~!!!!!!!!
And Yonghwa is so small~~ But that might just be because Jungshin and Jonghyun are so tall!!!!! Such a cute video!!
If you want to watch the video on V Live: Link To Click
(I know I should've posted yesterday, buuuuuut.....)

It's been seven years guys!! Let's continue to support them for their years to come ^-^

I love you CNBLUE! I love you Yonghwa! I love you Jungshin! I love you Jonghyun! I love you Minhyuk! Fighting!

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They are all so cute!
It's funny but YoungHwa is not small. The others are just so tall. When YoungHwa stands next to another boy group, he looks tall. He about the same height as Rap Mon.
Hmmmm that's true actually now that I think about it....CX Haha poor Yonghwa for being shorter than his members!! At least he's pretty tall himself ^-^